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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sky City - Auckland's cleanest laundromat?

Greens call for law change to crack down on criminals
There are fears of money-laundering if gamblers can cash in tickets at unmanned kiosks. SkyCity should be forced to pay back the millions of dollars in criminal profits spent at the casino instead of gaining Government concessions for a proposed $350 million convention centre, says the Green Party.

No one is seriously thinking that Sky City isn't already the biggest laundromat for washing criminal cash are they? I posted this 2 years ago in 2010...

Casino drugs claim
Gambling is like smoking is like drinking – one of those nasty little habits that generate few social benefits and create a large amount of social cost and Government revenue, and just like smoking and drinking the Government don’t really bother policing gambling because who wants to hurt that Government revenue not to mention the slither that is handed out to desperately grateful sports and volunteers groups, so news that Sky City has been used as a laundromat for Auckland's crime synidicates to wash their cash legal shouldn't be ANY surprise to anyone. What should surprise people is how easy Sky City made that laundering, this isn't the Waitamata Trust we are talking about, it's gang cash getting washed clean through the Casino, shouldn't the Police be all over that rather than attempting to gain new search and survaillance powers in October which will allow the Pork Board to strip search you?

...Sky City already has a history of being a criminal hub for washing cash, these new changes they are bribing Central Government over for with the contention center will make that process easier and smoother.

What a grubby, smelly deal this convention center is starting to produce.

Looks like the house is going to win again.



At 17/4/12 11:42 am, Blogger Grhys said...

national always have the smelliest ways of making cash and at the end of the day their schemes contribute pitifully to the economy to never leave an impression on future generations except to know where to pin the blame

At 17/4/12 4:11 pm, Blogger Nitrium said...

I always thought that the primary function of casinos not being gambling but rather money laundering was pretty much common knowledge. How else can we collect taxes on criminal cartels' illicit income and simultaneously save ourselves the expense of trying to shut them down (which would obviously ruin the tax stream AND now the FREE conference centre)? Casino's are clearly a win-win for Governments everywhere, which is why almost all Western nations support "gambling".

At 18/4/12 9:51 am, Blogger Frank said...

Gambling with 500 extra pokies; a 15 story brothel; increased tobacco production in Petone - the only things missing are trafficking in women and gun-running.

Key and his gang (we can now call them a gang, I think) are missing a couple of golden opportunities.

Bomber, I think you'll be able to add New Zealand to the list of narco-states. After all, we alreadsy have the Clean & Green lable.

Clean, as in excellent money laundering facilities.

Green, well, that doesn't need further explanation.


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