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Thursday, April 26, 2012

The sell out

NZ Herald reporting eleven plus Len makes a dirty dozen:

Auckland Council has rejected a proposal to stand in the way of the Government's planned convention centre deal with SkyCity.
Councillors voted 12-9 against supporting a motion that the council did not support legislation that would allow SkyCity to increase opportunities for gambling in return for a national convention centre.
Mayor Len Brown was among the 12 who voted against the motion.

Len, Len, Lenny, Len, Len... what are we going to do with you, eh?

Len was actually elected on the basis that he wasn't John Banks rather than because he was a Lefty as such. However Len must rapidly understand that although his victory was more to do with anti-Banks sentiment than his own personal magnetism, he is at least supposed to be a Lefty and thus must act like a Lefty from time to time to show solidarity with his grass roots support base drawn from the many Leftist groups and individuals that did the foot slogging in his campaign - and this casino stitch-up is one of those times.

So, Len: WTF? He was featured on a TV ad during the election wearing his Manukau mayoral chains championing the reduction of pokie machines in his 'hood. Nek minit...

What makes Len's backing of Sky City's convention centre all the more troubling is that it has probably come at the expense (one way or the other) of the Council's own assets (and saving the heritage venue of the St James - across the road from the Civic) that would have been the most likely alternative convention centre scenario. So Len is making many enemies here when he chooses to front for the casino.

I guess Sky City's $15k campaign donation to Len was the best bet they ever took. As much as Len will be looking forward to another contribution it would have to be in the millions to undo the political damage from their relationship.


At 27/4/12 12:10 am, Blogger Frank said...

It was a disappointing outcome. Mayor Brown is going to find out very quickly what happens when he has no one to operate his upcoming election campaign.


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