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Sunday, April 01, 2012

q+a review

Thank god the grand cyclops of NZ Broadcasting Paul Holmes is too sick to do the show today, may his illness last forever. The stylistic structures built into the opening segment seem to have been stripped out and it's far straighter, but it looks like the b team is directing and operating the cameras. Bit amateur today.

Greg is doing the hosting, he's actually pretty good.

You know shit is bad for John Key when he has to front on Q+A.

Key makes the very valid point that Puller is someone who is not happy with the way ACC has treated her and she has every right to complain. Shane really puts the acid on Key over the fact this is an internal National Party civil war, Key holds the line on Puller and clutches at hopes that the electorate care about 'the big issues'.

Key is solid, makes all the calming noises, but his calmness misses how destructive the internal war between Boag and Collins has actually cost him. He looks like a lame duck losing control of his factions while trying touch through with a zero budget.

'It's my expectation that I will be here for 2014' - his words never sounded so hollow.

Mike notes that Key is looking worried, Fran points out that Key has every reason to be rattled because of the internal nature of the leaks and Dr Miller says that Pullar hasn't actually gained any real help whatsoever despite her highly placed friends. They all note the Government seems to have lost control of the agenda.

Interview with the Financial Markets Authority CEO headhunter that doesn't do much to relax concerns that white collar criminals get to walk away relatively punishment free while no collar workers get thrown into prison for far less valuable crimes.



At 1/4/12 12:00 pm, Blogger Hypatia said...

Oh Gourd, I'm soooo pleased we threw our TV set out ! No more paul holmes !!

At 1/4/12 9:42 pm, Blogger Frank said...

I concur, Bomber - Key did not look as confident as in the past. He seemed to have something on his mind, for sure...

He left his delivery of the zero-budget deflection waaaay to late in the piece; Shane Taurima had done with him by then.

The unravelling of a Prime Minister, before our eyes.

I noticed the strange camera work as well. Wonder what was going on?

And like you, Greg Boyd was a breathe of fresh air. Strip away the opening BS, and we get a chance to focus on The Issues. The issues!! God forbid!

At 2/4/12 7:10 am, Blogger Tim said...

Boyd is bloody good...still cognisant of journalistic values. Better not praise him too much (or Peter Williams. Rawdon Christie and even one or two others for that matter) - they'll be permanently relegated to the Breakfast Ad Show


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