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Sunday, April 15, 2012

q+a and The Nation review

The Nation
Good panel with Met, Curran and some bloke from NZ First discussing the power of lobbyists. Uncomfortable moment for NZ First bloke when asked if Winston needs to be more transparent.

Rachel Smalley is very good on First Line and actually asks some hard questions there, but that edge seems to leave her on The Nation, her first panel discussion is good, but she gets sliced and diced by Allen and Unsworth.

Why allow Cedric Allen and Mark Unsworth to beat up Rachel Smalley for 20 minutes? Unsworth was classic, he kept trying to claim that poverty groups, Unions and Greenpeace would be hurt by this, they were both very clever to keep trying to make the issue about access. Why didn't Rachel just scream, 'it's not about access, it's about influencing politicians'?

Why didn't she say that? This terribly weak interview is proof of how powerful the lobbyists really are.

And using whale oil to explain lobbying in the week the PoAL outed him as party to their black ops project but not one question about that???

The Duncan Garner interview with Bob Parker is very good.

Brian Edwards and Bill Ralston's Sunday panel piece is some of the best current affairs discussion crammed into 10 minutes, well worth the time. I love how they maul the bullshit timeslots of current affairs programs like the one they are on.
The Grand Cyclops of NZ Broadcasting, Paul Henry is sadly back. The panel is Phil O'Reilly, Sue Kedgely and that awful Dr Claire Robinson who made such prat of herself on the TVNZ political debates.

The opening monologue is good, how in God's name does Damien Christie manage to write for Paul's style of presentation is one of the great unknowables in NZ current affairs.

Shane seems to have been reigned in and told to stop asking the hard questions that have suddenly made his launch on q+a worthwhile and gives Phil Heatley a pretty ho hum interview over National's new push to mine and drill more. The usual joke estimates are being used to convince us that ripping up our environment is an economic miracle, the joke amount is $12 billion. Phil dares claim that it would help pay for extra maternity leave.

Shane finally hits his straps over fracking and Coal and grinds Phil on the base issue of cash vs environment. How on earth can Phil claim that the things we want like hospitals and schools are dependent on more mining, taxation pays for the schools and hospitals - the reason his party can't make ends meet is because they keep giving tax cuts to rich people.

The pitiful amount of 43cent royalty's for oil and the pathetic percentage we get in mines is the joke part that Phil can't sell. Here he is trying to justify mining and drilling for all this cash, when the reality is we get disgustingly low returns, why destroy our environment for such a low return???

As soon as Phil O'Reilly starts speaking I switch over to Family Guy on the Comedy Central.



At 15/4/12 3:23 pm, Blogger Frank said...

Cedric Allen and Mark Unsworth - got a free ride with their poorly-challenged BS.

Their linking of unions, environmentalists and poverty campaigners with their professon of olitical whoring was mind-boggling.

This last week, a 16 year old girl visted two members of Parliament. She got no compensation; no profit; nothing. It cost her money fro m her own pocket.

By comparison, those poltocal prostitutes (we must find another term - we're being unfair on sex-workers) make big profits from their lobbying.

How they can equate themselves to poverty campaigners is a sick, sick joke.

Agree with you about Brian Edwards and Bill Ralston's Sunday panel piece; they are rapidly bexcoming the highlight of Q+A. (Which means it'll be dumped very soon. Can't have popular stuff on current affairs shows. People might start watching. And asking questions.)

On the issue of paid parental leavce, I noticed the comments all seemed to be from National/ACT apparatchiks. Their common theme of "why should I pay for others' kids" was rampant in txt-in messages.

Like - why not pay fopr others' kids? They'll be paying soon enough for our retirement.


Phil O'Reilly and Phil Heatley. I keep trying to remember if they were part of the Tauranga coast clean-up after the Rena stranding?

No? Of course not. Thwe clean up of the oil mess was left to locals.

And Paul Holmes rabbits on about Nature recovering by itself. Conveniently ignores the thousand of people who scrubbed animals clean, and thousands more who buried carcasses of dead fish, birds, dolphines, etc.

Two Phils and a Paul. I'll support deep-sea drilling when I see them down on the coast scrapping oil from the sand.

Dr Claire Robinson - she should join the National Party and be done with it. Her sardonic remarks were childish and pathetic.

Sue Kedgely - the only lone voice of rationality lost amidst a clamour of morons when the common sense of 8 year olds in a lollyshop.

Overall; depressing. More stupidity from supposedly well educated people.

We are well on the way to the dystopian future of "Idiocracy". God help us all.

May be talking apes should inherit the Earth.

At 15/4/12 3:27 pm, Blogger Frank said...

By the way...

What does it say about TV3's use of political pundits when they have to rely of The Sleazy One for insights to our political system...

What next? Interviewing pimps on sex education programmes? Mongrel mob on anti-family violence issues? Fay & Richwhite on business ethics?


I need to go shower.

At 16/4/12 9:41 am, Blogger countryboy said...

@ Frank . Whenever I fail to see logic or commonsense in a NZ political story evolving out of their MSM bullshit factories , I have to calm myself and tell myself . " It's ok . You're not going insane . It's still just a few powerful ' players ' constructing an environment within which they'll flourish . " . Certainly , it'll make you want to go and have a shower , or keep the company of innocent , fellow sentient beings like cats , dogs , sheep , goldfish , rats , fleas , lice etc . You know who I mean ; higher forms of life . There is only the human biped who can stand erect and lie to , and deny a fair share to innocent , other human bipeds for a dollar . And more dollars than they could need over many life times . I read recently , that it's not overpopulation that's threatening our very existence , it's over consumption and I quote [ What I really like about this essay, though, is how well Pearce articulates the real problem, which is over-consumption. Population and consumption might appear to be intrinsically linked, but they're not. As Pearce points out, global consumption is increasing far faster than global population and the average American family of four uses far more land, far more water, far more energy and produces far more emissions than an Ethiopian family of 11. Source ; www.boingboing.com ]
My point is , if this is the case , then there are those of us within our very own society WHO MUST FORCED TO GO WITHOUT . There are those of us who have to suffer and be deprived for those who MUST have more than they need . That intellectual realization gave rise to our budding , fresh as spring egalitarian society . Our recent ' players ' ( From Post WW 2 , to today ) have disassembled that construct because they could and in the process created an innocent albeit troublesome and frankly ( No pun intended ) dangerous underclass of lost souls . I'm sure I'm preaching to the converted and I don't mean to be condescending . It's just that I need to remind myself of what's going on , lest I get frustrated and head to the pub for a fuck , a fight and a pie . Just like everyone else does . The trick is , if that is the case , then what can be done about it since it's clearly fucking horribly wrong . I know ! Lets rely on politicians to work it out for us . After all , that's why we pay 'em . Enter Phil Heatly and I mean metaphorically .
What the fuck is he ? He sat there and told me that we need to allow off shore exploration within our sovereign waters so as we can sell oil to keep mums at home with their babies before the head off to ghost jobs in slave-ship industries to work out their beautiful lives to pay for wide screen TV's ! He's the cunt who couldn't balance his expense account and got booted out of Parliament for it . Now , he's back ! ? ? ? How much is he making ? How much is that brainless , slithering minion milking us tax payers for ? I rest my case . @ Frank . You take care . Rise above it all . Don't let the bastards grind you down .

At 16/4/12 8:03 pm, Blogger Nitrium said...

"The Grand Cyclops of NZ Broadcasting, Paul Henry is sadly back."

Surely you mean 'Paul Holmes'. Well I guess they are politically interchangeable anyway.


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