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Wednesday, April 04, 2012

PRESS RELEASE: The Union Report - new TV show

The Union Report - starts 8pm Monday 23rd April:

In a turbulent year of lock outs between Unions and employers, Triangle TV is proud to announce “The Union Report”, a new current affairs show that looks at the news week through the lens of industrial relations.

Hosted by blogger and controversial broadcaster Martyn Bradbury, the show will bring together dispute insiders, Union leaders and political commentators and politicians to provide an alternative analysis to traditional mainstream media coverage.

Council of Trade Union President Helen Kelly, commentators Chris Trotter and Mike Williams will be joined by a changing panel of guests from EPMU, PSA, NZNO, Unite, First Union, SFWU, MUNZ, PPTA and CTU affiliates to discuss the weeks industrial activity from the worker’s perspective

Martyn 'Bomber' Bradbury hosts the NZ on Air funded 'Citizen A' on Triangle TV that reviews the week with bloggers. He hosted the iPredict Election Show which predicted the election result closer than any other news agency and had the show described by Political Scientist Bryce Edwards as "intelligent and entertaining".

The Union Report will play 8pm Monday on Triangle TV and simulcast on scoop.co.nz. It will also be loaded onto YouTube and available on Facebook and twitter.

Facebook/TheUnionReport Twitter/CitizenBomber


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