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Friday, April 13, 2012

Ports of Auckland admits leaking to far right gun nut religious blogger

When Cameron Slater published the personal private grief of a wharfie as part of the PoAL's black ops campaign, here is what I wrote at the time...

You would have thought Slater's claim that the dead mother of Chris Carter using a taxpayer funded phone was impossible to top. You would have thought Slater's willful misinterpretation of Jim Anderton's comments on an 'earthquake' could never be beaten. You would have thought a convicted criminal who breached Court suppression for ego purposes like Slater would never challenge the dizzying lows of his own style of open sewer journalism.

But he has.

Publishing the details of a warf worker who was given leave during the terminal illness of his wife is a sick gutter tactic beneath even the blogosphere.

The final eye rolling part of this is that Cameron Slater uses his own personal circumstances with depression as any excuse to throw his toys if they are mentioned, yet he is so gleeful in using others personal circumstances to damn them. Hypocrisy doesn't even begin to define his actions here.

He is the wolf who cries boy.

...oh he is so the wolf that cries boy, and what do we have here? PoAL dropping Cameron Slater right in it in a letter admitting that they leaked the details to Slater. Well, well, well. So many issues here. Firstly appearing on an over inflated site pumped up with fluff blog pieces that consist of a couple of words and daily proverbs and gun porn hardly helps our Port build a positive working environment does it? Slaters blog is an open sewer appealing to guns nuts, religious fanatics and right wing perspectives that would make the Republican Party look gay friendly and anti-nuclear. For the Ports to associate with an open sewer to point score against one of their own workers demands stern action and heads must roll. Leaking personal information about a worker to a site as vile as Slater's is NOT how Council owned businesses should operate in any way shape or form, if this is how the PoAL treat their staff, no wonder the legislation governing labour laws needs to be refocused on the good faith bargaining outcomes rather than the process.

The interesting bit is that the PoAL decided to out themselves, perhaps Slater was arguing about the invoice and threatened to out them if they didn't pay? Who knows why they decided to out themselves, but they obviously calculated outing themselves was less damaging than allowing Slater to hold it over them. Cameron of course asks us all to believe that he was given the information from his tip line and so it was anonymous, the way it was 'anonymous' that Bronwyn Pullars name got leaked to the media, or the 'anonymous' tips against Boag, or Mallard, or the 'anonymous' source of Cam's current claim that Unions in NZ are corrupt based on half baked assumptions and information freely available on the web.

In the wake of the factional war in National that saw Nick Smith killed by friendly fire between Collins and Boag and the manner in which Slaters direct contact with Collins had inflated that situation into fratricide, I wrote that National party strategists would have to ask if using Slater was a wise choice. As I noted by paraphrasing Batman The Dark Knight, some bloggers just want to see the world burn.

It seems the PoAL realized that and dropped Cameron as a tool in their black ops campaign. Nice to see there are some things that even the Ports of Auckland won't do.

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At 13/4/12 8:24 pm, Blogger Frank said...

New Zealanders must be pausing to wonder if, in this new environment of quasi Employer Fascism, that one day they might be for the “chopping block”? Let me paraphrase a certain famous statement…

First they came for the port workers,
and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a port worker.

Then they came for the meatworkers,
and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a meatworker.

Then they came for the resthome workers,
and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a resthome worket.

Then they came for me
and there was no one left to speak out for me.


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