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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Police go from spinning domestic violence stats to hiding them

I was blogging yesterday how the NZ Police have spun growing domestic violence stats to hide a cost saving tactic of not arresting domestic violence abusers. The NZ Herald online and ZB followed that blog yesterday up today with the news that the Police are not only spinning the domestic violence stats, but they have now decided to hide the domestic violence stats altogether...

Crime stats to drop family violence
Women's Refuge is meeting with police today over a decision to drop family violence figures from crime stats.

...going from spinning the domestic violence stats to hiding them altogether is about as acceptable as a full leg amputations to deal with shoes that don't fit. This is unacceptable from the NZ Police and suggest the 'It's not ok' anti-domestic violence TV campaign should be changed to 'It's not ok unless you can hide the stats'.



At 17/4/12 1:11 pm, Blogger Tim said...

Bomber - your current mechanism really does make it TOO hard to post someting significant - such as the recent Cheines delegation and Police response around Mt Vic - and even Martinborough.
I actually can't be fucked dealing with technlogy that doesn't cater for partially sighted, or other disabilities.
Que sera sera - the victims of the consequences - the Sleepy Hobbits probably deserve it anyway.

Shame...you just missed a first.
But NO - fuck it! This is actually the 21st Century.
Opportunity Lost. I spose that's how Jonkey et al get away with it - but I have a low tolerance to fuckwits.
I posted a response, then got caught up in all the NEEDLESS fucking crap associated with it's submission.
I'll just watch from now on

At 18/4/12 9:42 am, Blogger Frank said...

In Orwell's '1984', the Ministry of Truth constantly rewrote history and fudged statics and data.

It seems someone at Police HQ has taken note.

Next time police figures on violent crime are released, how much credence can we put in them? Especially, if, as seems likely, they will show a downward trend?


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