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Thursday, April 19, 2012

NZ social media Klout top 50 influencers - Gareth Hughes most influential on line politician

Hey I'm ranked ten in NZ social media Klout top 50 influencers, one behind John Key the Prime Minister. Coming tenth has never felt so rewarding. Whale oil who is so quick to bleat about his puffed up site stats is ranked 55.

Measuring online influence is a new way of ranking those who are operating online, Klout measures what influence your social media generates amongst those following you, Gareth Hughes has the highest ranking of any NZ politician at 8, one ahead of Key. The Greens understand the new social media world better than any other political party in the country and his ranking above Key proves this.



At 19/4/12 9:28 am, Blogger Jasper said...

Great stuff brotha, keep up the good work! When this government collapses we'll see yo on the mainstream media station(s) if they haven't been sold! Election within 12 months! I hope!

At 19/4/12 10:35 am, Blogger Tim said...

I reckon that even if they ARE sold by the time there's a change in govt, there's a damn good chance there'll be something back in place in the form of PSB within a very short time.
The lack of any PSB TV, the undermining of Freeview (and democracy), and the tendency to commercial monopoly makes us look very very 3rd World

At 19/4/12 6:42 pm, Blogger Nitrium said...

Congratulations! Never before in my life has this country needed a clear voice from the left more than now. And I'm not really even that left - but I sure as shit don't subscribe to whatever the current National party is!

At 19/4/12 9:00 pm, Blogger Paul said...

me too and me either (re being THAT left wing, and the sure as shit)
What's worse is that the like of Skeith (the Wholy OAK), and other must be rolling in their graves at the shit that this current round of Nats are pulling,
I'm not sure when that ponce Finlayson will get his shit together either - long enough to tell some of his colleaugues they're bang out of order. I won;t go into Lockwood Smith - there must be a luvly telling him not to buck the flow too much. I wonder if she knows about that little Oriental Bay apartment ...nah let's not go there (unless it becones dirty). After all - he's entitles to at least 7 years of marital bliss before the scratch starts to itch


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