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Monday, April 02, 2012

Megaupload a Megacockup?

Does it concern anyone else that the wheels for this so called Mega Conspiracy are falling off faster than National Party MP's blocking Bronwyn Pullar from their email addresses?

So the corporates calling Kim a pirate were trying to cut a deal with him before they decided to send in the cops?

Emails show Hollywood studios courted Megaupload deals

Hollywood studios sought to enter into commercial deals with the Kim Dotcom's Megaupload site, evidence due to be used in his defence reveals.

The defence team has emails from executives at Disney, Warner Bros, Fox and Turner Broadcasting - among those who complained loudest about copyright infringements - seeking commercial agreements with Megaupload.

They include offers to share content and to join advertising deals, and show studios attempting to strike deals.

Isn't this sounding less like the digital crime of the century and more like a copyright infringement deal gone sour?

This joke over reaction for a copyright infringement is jaw dropping. ‎76 police officers to arrest internet geeks who 'cost' Hollywood $500million? South Canterbury Finance 'costs' us $1.7billion and I didn't see armed offenders squads converging on Allan Hubbards' home. Check out what you can be extradited from NZ to America for - it doesn't mention copyright, racketeering or money laundering.

Would we ever prostitute our Police service to a Chinese company demanding this level of compliance for a mere copyright infringement?

It would never happen.

Megaupload had 25 petabytes of storage and 1000 servers leased in US data centres operated by Carpathia Hosting, plus a further 36 servers leased from US-based Cogent Communications. How can this constitute as US territory when Youtube, Google and a host of other companies do what Megaupload does?

Shouldn't we be a wee bit worried about unlawful arrest claims plus damages Kim may wish to take against the State? How much is this becoming a gimp for corporate Hollywood going to end up costing us?



At 2/4/12 1:11 pm, Blogger tomachi said...

I agree, there is no way they can or should extradite him, as his crimes are victimless and non-violent. Furthermore, how can any internet service provider check if their lines are used for copyright abuse rightly? The two problems: privacy - what right does any ISP (such as Megaupload) have to inspect your traffic and read your data to check it for copyright material? Also, how does any ISP become aware of copyright material and what evidential method does any media corporation have to establish that they even own the copyrights to the media they claim they do? I've heard of cases where Warner claimed they owned material that was originally produced by an artist, and were able to get it taken down. I should make a complaint to the independant police complaints authority. Here's my blog on Megaupload.

At 2/4/12 2:16 pm, Blogger Steve Withers said...

It becomes more appalling by the day.

At 2/4/12 9:57 pm, Blogger dez82 said...

that reminds me. i need to download the latest season of game of thrones of pirate bay

At 3/4/12 9:51 am, Blogger Brendon O'Connor said...

Dotcon has already mentioned he will be suing Nz for his losses if he is cleared of these charges.
This might make SCF seem very cheap in comparison as he is talking about billions of loses.


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