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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Lest We Remember

For me, ANZAC Day is a day that civil society pauses and remembers those who have sacrificed their lives in the name of our country. It is a commemoration of our wars and a solemn occasion when the current generation promise the next generation that we will never throw their lives away as wastefully as we have in the past. Our history is littered with wars that were ill defined and devoured some of our best and brightest. We respect the glorious dead by promising not to needlessly fill the graves next to them with more wasted life.

For the last decade, ANZAC Day has been a farce to the respect of our glorious dead. Our involvement in an immoral war to prop up a corrupt regime in Afghanistan while we actively hand over Afghan civilians to torture units means we have ignored the lessons of the past and are now inflicting the very terror we proclaim we are fighting. How do we know the people the SAS attacked and killed in their revenge attack were the ones responsible for the death of a NZ soldier? A court decides guilt, are we now saying the SAS are a Court unto themselves who can decide who is guilty and who is not and kill both accordingly? When you are against war, it is because war makes good people do bad things.

When you dance with the devil, the devil doesn't change, you do.

Watching Wayne Mapp declare last year that we are in Afghanistan because 7 NZers have died from terrorism in 10 years is the most intellectually bankrupt defense of this immoral war I've ever heard. Our threshold for occupation of Afghanistan is 7 dead citizens over a decade? Why the hell aren't we bombing KFC stores for double down burgers? Heart disease in a decade would kill hundreds of thousands of NZers, our justification for a war is less than one dead citizen per year?

Our presence and continued interference in Afghanistan is creating the terrorism, we have become the tyranny we are claiming to fight.

The worst bit about ANZAC Day is putting up with all the shire volk bleat that it should replace Waitangi Day as our National Holiday.

Yawn, yes that will solve all our disharmony. Clowns. Denial isn't nationhood.

The Gunner's Lament

A Maori gunner lay dying
In a paddyfield north of Saigon,
And he said to his pakeha cobber,
"I reckon I've had it, man!

'And if I could fly like a bird
To my old granny's whare
A truck and a winch would never drag
Me back to the Army.

'A coat and a cap and a well-paid job
Looked better than shovelling metal,
And they told me that Te Rauparaha
Would have fought in the Vietnam battle.

'On my last leave the town swung round
Like a bucket full of eels.
The girls liked the uniform
And I liked the girls.

'Like a bullock to the abattoirs
In the name of liberty
They flew me with a hangover
Across the Tasman Sea,

'And what I found in Vietnam
Was mud and blood and fire,
With the Yanks and the Reds taking turns
At murdering the poor.

'And I saw the reason for it
In a Viet Cong's blazing eyes
We fought for the crops of kumara
And they are fighting for the rice.

'So go tell my sweetheart
To get another boy
Who'll cuddle her and marry her
And laugh when the bugles blow,

'And tell my youngest brother
He can have my shotgun
To fire at the ducks on the big lagoon,
But not to aim it at a man,

'And tell my granny to wear black
And carry a willow leaf,
Because the kid she kept from the cold
Has eaten a dead man's loaf.

'And go and tell Keith Holyoake
Sitting in Wellington,
However long he scrubs his hands
He'll never get them clean.'

James K Baxter



At 25/4/12 9:49 am, Blogger Tuhimareikura said...

Those young men who didn't have a clue what they were fighting for were slaughtered while invading someones else's country. So that the crooks in our present day government could sell off the country to the gooks! Lol!

At 25/4/12 11:50 am, Blogger Alex said...

Beautiful poem.

At 25/4/12 8:53 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

James K Baxter ! You're pretty good . Here's a little more poetry for you .. It doesn't rhyme but you may get my drift . http://werewolf.co.nz/2012/04/public-office-private-gain/
Whats more filthy than the dark lust for power , war and it's bastard child , money ? Envy of those who have it . That's what . Who encourages , then exploits those without much of it nor can be arsed with it neither . You know , those of us who think being in love , having a pet , having kids , digging the garden , saying gidday to your neighbour , buying a book and relishing reading it is where it's at perhaps . Not having millions and fucking over those whom you've defrauded of it ? Those who pitch brother against brother , sister against sister , you against I and then when it all seems doomed to peace , a war breaks out ? I reckon it's bloody aliens . Nothing human could do this . AHhahahahh ! Dear old Lizard Lips Holyoak is a right cunt . He's a dead , right cunt right now so he may be beyond the reach of the Royal Commission of Enquiry into the current and historic relationships between our dirty , greedy politicians and our soulless , sociopathic big business ' leaders' that's at the top of my Christmas wish list . New Zealand , our beautiful Islands , have been poisoned by a lie and that lie stalls our spiritual growth and development . We , us Kiwis show classic symptoms of abuse . A sense of loss and a lack of hope with just enough self abuse to fill the private prisons of the Search and Surveillance Land of tomorrow .

At 26/4/12 3:40 am, Blogger Rangi said...

Cool post dude. Lest we remember made me giggle, so I stole it.



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