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Monday, April 23, 2012

Key's weak defense of Casino scam

I love how the Government defend their grubby Casino deal by claiming the counter is to shut down the entire gambling industry - who says that? It's like amputating an arm because your gloves don't fit!

No one is calling for the prohibition of gambling, why would any NZer support the immediate under grounding of gambling so that organized crime could take those billions? We accept gambling but control it by tight regulation, the Governments claim that the counter to what they plan is the immediate shut down of the entire industry is a straw man argument that has no relevance to this debate.

People want gambling harm minimized but Key wants to expand it, that's the issue.

I hate how I'm so deprived of political vision by our leaders that I have to rely on kiwi bank adverts to make me feel proud of being a New Zealander.



At 23/4/12 12:18 pm, Blogger Nitrium said...

There have been a number of strawman arguments since this started. Someone also tried to compare gambling to alcohol, and why we don't want to ban alcohol - 'cos you know that alcohol is addictive so it's just like gambling, right? Someone even said some non-sensical bullshit about how cars are also dangerous (life threatening, so WORSE than gambling), so we should just ban those too. All shit strawmen arguments in defence of this fucking casino deal, which stinks worse than a fresh turd.

At 23/4/12 2:06 pm, Blogger Tui said...


At 23/4/12 9:47 pm, Blogger Tim said...

The good thing is...."the harder they rise....the harder they fall".
Show me where and when this hasn't been so.

If a heart attack doesn't get the cnut - you can be sure as shit kama (or their own arrogance and egos will.

I'm thinking Key and Joyce, but there's a trail of them.
All shit and no substance...
John Key
Minstas and Minsta sucker uppers, one by one.

I mean... their ilk (probably aided and abetted by some highly paid consultancy) are now trying to work out how they can make retirees pay for living in camper vans or house trucks.

At 27/4/12 12:23 am, Blogger Frank said...

"I hate how I'm so deprived of political vision by our leaders that I have to rely on kiwi bank adverts to make me feel proud of being a New Zealander. "

Ditto, Bomber.

And I wonder to myself if that's one of the reason so many Kiwis are escaping this country. It's not just the higher salaries luring them to Australia, US, Middle East, etc.

It's also that there's nothingf to keep them here; we've taken away the sense of nationhood, and replaced it with dollars and cents.

Yeah, right, like profit margins have incited such deep patriotism in citizens that they sacrifice themselves for the greater good...?!

Contrary to neo-liberals nutcases, humans are social creatures. Like our simian cousins (and I, for one, will welcome the day they take over the planet), we exist as part of the group (clan, neighbourhood, city, natio n, etc) - not just as individuals.

Whether it's gang-affiliation or American patriotism taken
to bizarre extremes, people need to feel that they belong.

Take that away, or trivialise it, and people no longer have a reason to stay grounded.

In effect, New Zealanders have become the 21st century gypsies of the globe.

Congratulations, Maggie Thatcher; your ideology of "no such thing as society" has come true - because your dogma is destroying that ideal.

No wonder Londoners rioted a couple of years ago. For them, society no longer existed.


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