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Friday, April 20, 2012

Key says he 'advised himself' over Casino deal???

Stop on convention centre work ordered
Prime Minister John Key ordered officials to stop work on plans for a national convention centre after Sky City indicated it might extend its existing facility, Cabinet papers reveal.

The papers have emerged as Key today said he "advised himself" to chase Sky City for a deal to build a new national convention centre in exchange for changes to gambling laws.

I'm sorry, what did the Prime Minister say he did there? John Key says 'he advised himself' over sky city casino expansion??? Is this intellectual masturbation masquerading as political leadership? How the bloody hell does he 'advise himself'? He ordered officials to stop plans for a convention center when he heard Sky was extending theirs and has a quiet dinner with Sky City and cuts a deal when Sky City are telling shareholders that they have new cabinet level influences?

Key says he 'advised himself' over the sky city deal??? He seems to want to give this deal all the sanctity of a breast self examination rather than the inner machinations of public policy. Political wankery never sounded so self-deluded

How filthy must this self advised deal get? This has become a screaming fiasco and no one in the National Party seems to have any sense of the sheer disgust from most members of the public at this grubby little scam.

For a political leader who had such a charmed sense of flawlessly side stepping issues in his first term to look so club footed and self mutilated now is fascinating. Key looked this way when he was trying to defend police action in the tea pot tape. There he tried to claim the tea pot tape amounted to the phone hacking of murdered families, claimed it could lead to more youth suicide if they were published, tried to suggest the police had plenty of time to investigate his compliant because crime rates had fallen and ridiculously ended that bizarre chapter of audacity by stating he had stood up for the principle of not being secretly taped after he had retrospectively expanded police powers to do exactly that.

The same sense of incredulity that wafted over the tea tapes has now attached itself to this shameful deal, watching our PM pimp for Sky City and defend the bloody gambling industry is jaw dropping. National Party hubris has been insulated because of flawed landline polls, they have allowed themselves to be lulled into a false sense of complacency and a deluded self belief that they are untouchable.

Watching National trade their free market doctrine for a command economy model that hands out party favors with all the fervor of the Communist Party is an irony too rich to ignore.



At 20/4/12 10:00 am, Blogger Macros said...

Of course, what Key is really saying is, as the Prime Minister, he "advised himself", the Minister of Tourism, that it was a good deal.

At 20/4/12 1:20 pm, Blogger CosmicRocketCultivator said...

Damn dawg! When you ask yourself questions,it's deemed acceptable. It's a worry when you answer to your own self."Is this the right thing to do?" "Sure,it will work out.At least the pizza boy will be happy for the tip money." Gotta love the self belief. I want to make an arrest for crimes against humanity!

At 20/4/12 7:23 pm, Blogger Ovicula said...

Government decisions should have more people involved than WhaleSpew's sex life. This is unacceptable.


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