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Sunday, April 29, 2012

John Banks has to stand down - call crime stoppers and make a complaint

John Banks pretending to not know about the cash he asked to be laundered anonymously is as plausible as a convicted arsonist getting caught with matches, a petrol bomb and a 'how to burn shit down' google search history claiming he was just being curious.

John Key's response that John Banks can stay on rather than stand down while an investigation into the SkyCity anonymous donations and the Kim Dotcom money laundering is simply beyond belief. How on earth can Banks remain as an associate Minister of the crown when such allegations are being made? Banks must stand down until the issue is investigated!

Perhaps every reader of Tumeke needs to call crime stoppers and complain about John Banks breaking the law and taking anonymous donations from people he knew - 0800 555 111

By actively suggesting tactics to break the law, Banks must be investigated and he can not be allowed to remain in his position as an associate Minister until that investigation has concluded. To do any less after the revelations of the last 24 hours is an attempt at a cover up.

It's as simple as that.



At 29/4/12 6:50 pm, Blogger Matthew said...

Maybe its just me, & no disrespect to Mr Dotcom, but if I had someone ask me for a donation, then ask me to rig it so that donation was anonymous (give me money but I dont want anyone to know its from you) I would tell him to shove it. But maybe thats just me.

At 29/4/12 8:37 pm, Blogger CosmicRocketCultivator said...

I did view the P.Holmes ,D.Parker and J.Banks Q & A TVNZ online. Bad comedic routine and the impression of observing J.Banks led me to witness the old boy network hard out through P.Holmes and J.Banks. Ha Ha, P.Holmes,ask me another question and I'll answer without a tired smirk.Yeah,Right.J.Banks could sell ice cream and amphetamines to Augustus Gallop without quarms. John Banks,please move right along,move right out the way and leave your vacuous syphon for someone with integrity.Old men with old tired ideas need to be shuffled to the sideline.

At 29/4/12 9:47 pm, Blogger Nitrium said...

And surely a donation of this magnitude comes with some strings attached. Surely. What favours, exactly, was Banks going to do for Mr. DotCom? After all, if you're as wealthy as Dotcom, politics don't really much play any role in your day to day life. There must have been something in it for him.

At 29/4/12 10:41 pm, Blogger DebsisDead said...

By the time Banks came sleazing around Dotcom's dinner table, Mr Dotcom had already been subjected to a coupla rounds of 'transperant' NZ politicians in action.
He had already had englander migrant's in jonkey's electorate whinging to jonkey about a german owning the biggest house in the region, and had been denied permission to buy his home.
(If yer an absentee landlord who wants to buy up NZ most productive land get in line the fix is in. C'mon n have a crack.

On the other hand if you're an eccentric foreigner who doesn't conform to aging racists' idea of whitebread conformity, who wants to settle yer family and business in NZ; and the local voters complain get back get back get back)

It is likely that Banks knew of the problems Dotcom had been copping from jonkey so he probably didn't hafta promise anything for his fifty large. Dotcom prolly thought it was amusing to watch the poodle dance for his supper and if at the end of it he copped a 'friend' on the right where all the assholes who had been lying promising the earth, then not delivering hung out, so much the better.


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