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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

If it's not a SkyCity conspiracy Mr Key, what is it?

Key shrugs off casino claims as conspiracy
Allegations over his involvement in a deal with SkyCity casinos are a "wild conspiracy", Prime Minister John Key says.

Oh, it's not a conspiracy Mr Key? The Economic Development Ministry is told by Key to stop a business case for a Convention Centre and Key has a private dinner with SkyCity who tell their shareholders they have high level Cabinet influences and after SkyCity are asked to bid Cabinet Ministers rule out a higher gambling levy for SkyCity...

Ministers said no to higher gambling levy for SkyCity
Cabinet ministers overruled expert advice which would have placed a $500,000 greater burden on SkyCity each year for treating problem gambling. The decision was made shortly after SkyCity was asked to bid for the contract to build the National Convention Centre.

...that's all one great big coincidence is it?

If only the mainstream media had leapt upon this when the MANA Party first discussed it last year.

The desperate justifications why we need to re-write law to allow SkyCity to have more pokie machines (which will be placed in the only redeeming feature of SkyCity - their theatre) are made worse by having to listen to this twaddle from Key.

It's a dirty smelly deal that shows Key understands the cost and doesn't comprehend the value. I'm so deprived of political vision by our leaders that I have to rely on Kiwi Bank adverts to make me feel proud of being a NZer.

PS - Can whoever writes the Kiwi Bank adverts start writing David Shearer's speeches? PLEASE!



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