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Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Does it sicken anyone else listening to our Prime Minister defend gambling?

Oh Christ, it's ugly isn't it?

Does listening to our Prime Minister justify and defend gambling for this smelly bribe with a Casino make anyone else out there gag?

Re-writing legislation to increase pokies and perhaps loosen advertising restrictions so we get an ugly add on convention center with all the architectural charm of a road accident is one thing, listening to my Prime Minister pimp for the bloody gambling industry is another.

Listening to John Key defend gambling makes me wonder if anyones told him that he works for NZ, not Sky City!

Sky City's pokies only return 2% to the Community as opposed to the pub charity ones that return 37%. By green lighting this convention center, National write the death warrant for the St James and Key's claim that Sky City problem gamblers are some how better than pub problem gamblers seems other world.

Any gaining of pokies or loosening of advertising rules in return for an extra gambling shed is a political bribe. It's as smelly as that.



At 4/4/12 7:07 pm, Blogger Frank said...

New Zealand, circa 2012AD;

* a 15 story brothel

* expansion of cigarette manufacturing & exporting

* casinos & lax gambling laws

The future was not supposed to be like this.

At 4/4/12 10:13 pm, Blogger Alex said...

I really don't think Key wanted his reputation to be tied to something like problem gambling, but when you make a deal with SkyCity like he has, it is inevitable.

At 5/4/12 7:47 pm, Blogger Frank said...

And almost as bad, Alex, is this little 'gem' I uncovered,


If it's true, then there's quite a bit of law-breaking going on here...

At 5/4/12 8:27 pm, Blogger Ovicula said...

You didn't need to add "defend gambling" onto the end of your question.

At 6/4/12 10:35 am, Blogger fatty said...

"You didn't need to add "defend gambling" onto the end of your question"

True..."encourage gambling" would be more accurate.


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