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Monday, April 23, 2012

Australian Speaker headline I'd love to see

Slipper given the boot after Austalian speaker gets caught with Staffer's foot in his mouth. Priceless.



At 23/4/12 9:32 pm, Blogger Tim said...

The guy's the epitome of a dirty old man ain't he?
I mean it's no Daryn Hughes analogy going on here.

Not as though it's some delicate little twink looking for a daddy, as ,any are prone to do - more like a dirty old bitter queen targeting - one with a master of the universe attitude.
Funny to watch really - especially since "Joolya" (being the right wing facist little bitch she's become) appears to have outsmarted herself. Funnier still since she's married (oops no - lives in sin - no wait....pretends) with a partner whose -WHAT-shock horrer? a hair tiknushun

Keiran Gilbert and David Spears must be creaming themselves

Still, all that said - the very same intrigue goes on in NZ - it's just that we don't have journalists of a media who are prepared to put their balls on the line.

I'm STILL wondering (for example) when it is that sone little ambitious journo eagre to make a name for himself might ask one or two questions of Jonkey's former colleagues about ..mmmm let's see - EVEN JUST WHAT THEY thought of him - given the "smiling assasin rep"
What about Nik Leeson even - what does he think of him.

Kinda pathetic really. Here we have the likes of Jock Anderson calling Okker troopers useless - all the while we have people of his ilk (and profession) who are prepared to just lie down and roll over.

(watch the guy back peddle, dliver and slide, gulp a load of turd now that there's been a reaction'
SURE you are JOCK - (standing by your comments)

What if Radio NZ ditxhes you from that WASP Jim's afternoon panel.
What happens when you can no longer enthrall us all with you wonderfull opinion on the STATE broadcaster with the world's nicest man.
What happens when you can no nonger PUBLICLY hobknob with the incrowd.
Why I imagine even a David Slack would begin to wonder about his relevace
I wonder if that LOVELY man Jim ever asled that other LOVELY man John key to appear on his programme. Jock and John could duke it out.

Geez....do we as NZers even realise how pathetic we've become - I suspect not. And here's some coward going by the name of Jock Anderson trying to take on diggers. I mean! we haven't even woken up to the up that the PM is a poof (I don't necessariy mean homosexual by that label either).
Whoever labelled the cnut "charasmatic" needs a bit of life experience (was it Duncan Garner maybe - nah can't have been, has to have been his little closet protoge.....mmmm-what's his name//yea Geeeyon.

Counting down the days till I can get out of this patheticisim called NACT's NZ. Even a National/Liberal coalit will not, CANNOT be worse.

If you're in any doubt...watch Key slip and slime and lik Tony Abbots arse if and when that happens


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