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Friday, April 27, 2012

5 star comedy preview review: NZ International Comedy Festival 2012

The best bit of going to the SkyCity Theatre is the chance to view the gaming floor from the balcony. The sad depressed faces of the slot jockey's throwing their mortgage money away has always given me the sort of thrill that popping infected whiteheads provides.

Apparently SkyCity are replacing the theatre to make room for those bloody pokie machines, so the last reason I've ever thanked the Casino for existing by providing a place for the arts is about to evaporate.

Maybe next year they could allow comedians to do stand up next to each pokie machine? One-Armed Gambits?

You can only ever claim to be an Aucklander if a) You've desecrated a National/ACT Party billboard during an election and b) have gone to the NZ International Comedy Festival.

This year's festival looks like the usual hilarity and a chance to take guaranteed dates all the way (if they joke, they poke).

The taster of the festival was the 5 Star Comedy preview. MC'd by Damien Christie look-a-like Dan Willis from Britain, it was fast moving and very funny. His story of how he got mugged and saved by Craig Campbell is one of the highlight jokes of the night. 3 stars

Chris Martin from Britain was cute. The jokes about how he gets confused for his Coldplay namesake worked well. 3 stars.

Craig Campbell from Canada was 5 star. Very funny stage presence, hilarious story about how he saved Dan Willis from a mugging. Well worth a ticket.

Brendon Burns from Australia was beautifully crass with his responsibilities as a host when someone is arse raped to death at a party. 4 stars

Stuart Taylor from South Africa gave us an insight into the concerns of middle class South Africans which seemed to strike a chord with the poor white trash members of the audience. 2 stars.

Bill Dawes from the US was brilliantly funny with his experiences at Les Mills band the pink thong at the end was brilliant. 4 and a half stars.

Milton Jones dial a lama joke is the best joke of the night. His beautiful delivery is stoner joy, 5 stars. Unmissable for the fest.



At 28/4/12 3:49 am, Blogger Gingerman said...

This was a real mixed bag of comedy. Milton Jones was the real highlight of the night (his joke about the multiple homocide involving Frosty The Snowman's extended family was worth the admission price alone).

But Dead Cat Bounce's act left a very damp and ultimately unentertained feeling at the end of the night - strange choice to have them as the final act of the evening


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