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Monday, March 05, 2012

Will Labour's dog whistle be a dog horn?

The oracles have opened their goat livers and see a Labour leaning to the right with David Shearer's new repositioning speeches about to grab mainstream media attention. What many in the NZ mainstream political media did not get (until Fran O'Sullivan pointed it out after the now infamous iPredict election party) was that the right wing faction of old Labour cemented Shearer into his leadership position. Combine that influence with the Wellington bloke aesthetic leftism of John Pagani and for those with progressive aspirations for NZ, Shearer's leadership is looking more and more like the lead taste of status quo that buggered the lost decade of Labour's last term in office.

I've always been amused that stuff put Pagani up as a counter to David Farrar. The only difference between Farrar and Pagani is that Farrar is more left wing than Pagani.

So the National Party soft vote are turning their backs on Key over the Crafar farms, but it's not certain that Labour is redneck enough to tickle these disaffected punters.

Enter the looming Labour Party dog whistle. Instead of appealing to the passions of the one million enrolled voters who didn't bother voting, Shearer is going to grow his pie by slicing off National's piece of it by whistling to their darker angels.

With Labour about to make a large step to the right, Shearer risks bleeding off left votes to the Greens and MANA, but that's a game he can play if he takes the center ground because he can counter Green and MANA influence by leveraging in NZ First.

The danger is that Labour over cook their dog whistle and make it a horn. To let that fine line be decided by the current shallow pool of advisers seems like criminal negligence.



At 5/3/12 10:54 am, Blogger countryboy said...

Fuck I hate this ! I really do . Labour and National . Fuck them all ! Smiling , smug little shits in suits . They roll around in our money while we bump into the lives they lay out before us like headless fucking chickens .

At 5/3/12 5:13 pm, Blogger Frank said...

"The only difference between Farrar and Pagani is that Farrar is more left wing than Pagani. "


Somehow, I don't think that Farrar's faux concern about slavery on the open seas, on chartered fishing vessels, makes Farrar "left wing"...

At 5/3/12 6:07 pm, Blogger Tim said...

Sleepy Hobbits will eventually awaken you realise (i.e. those of 'em that haven't fucked off to Australia) as there lot becomes increasingly difficult. It's likely to be within the next 3 years too.
When they do, and they realise they can't live on their plasma TV and SUV - it won't be the 'right' they'll be in love with. Nor should the over-invested dairy farmer rely on any NACT bugger's muddle to represent their best interests.
If Jonky & Co had their way Fonterra will be de-coopted and listed so 'foreign investment' can take over, AND the farmgate milk price screwed down to a bare minimum so that survival will be DEPENDENT on how much shit and effluent can be pumped into a nearby river. It isn't although the Fonterra masters of the universe haven't already tried to break up its cooperative nature. If they want to stick with the NACTs, maybe they should save themselves a bit of heartache and flick it all off to the Chinese now.

At 5/3/12 6:13 pm, Blogger Tim said...

Whatever you've done to the submission of comments is a bit buggy. If one is even slightly visually impaired and gets a character or two wrong, one is liable to have whatever it is they typed completely wiped out (even WHEN logged in). Frankly its not worth the time or effort for the visually impaired. I'll just satisfy myself with everyone else's words of wisdom. If voting was as difficult as this - I don't think I'd have bothered

At 5/3/12 6:16 pm, Blogger Tim said...

PLEASE GO FUCK YOURSELF. I'm NOT A FUCKING ROBOT, just slightly blind and as yet unable to afford some new glasses. Still, at least I'm human.


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