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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Will John Key now be prosecuted for wasting Police time?

Well, well, well - so turns out that the Police won't be charging anyone over the tea pot tapes after all. What a none surprising surprise. This should NEVER have been sent to the Police in the first place.

Let's remind ourselves what exactly happened again so the full contempt for John Key's actions can sink in.

Key, on the advice from Joyce, decided strategically to attack the media over the tea pot tape scandal because internal polling done the night before showed NZers disliked the media more than they disliked John Key. This after Key had ridiculously framed the issue as similar to the Rupert Murdochs phone hacking scandal and after Key had tried claiming that his supposed breach of privacy in a public place was akin to being a parent and having a discussion about their childs suicide published in the media???

These two jaw dropping excuses to bully the media became farcical when Key claimed that it wasn't a waste of Police time because the crime rate had dropped and they had plenty of time on their hands???

The arrogance of this man is astounding.

John Key standing up for the principle of not being secretly recorded is possibly the sickest part of this joke. Firstly what expectation could the PM seriously have had of privacy during a publicity stunt he himself has called, and secondly for a PM who rammed through the power to illegally spy on citizens to now stand for the principle not to be secretly recorded is hypocrisy so rank it should make educated people vomit.

So far Key has justified gagging the media with Police because taping him is like phone hacking a murdered childs family, because youth suicide might increase and because the Police have plenty of time on their hands??? Now he wants to turn the other cheek?

I'm sorry, this entire fiasco, generated from National Party internal polling that suggested NZers hated the media more than they hated John Key was Machiavellian in the extreme and evidence of how cynical and calculating Key really is once you cut past the vacant optimism.

The only thing that came out of this fiasco is Key's actions ended the honeymoon the mainstream media were still giving Key up till that point. It's interesting to note that Key was the one who ended the cosy relationship and it wasn't the media growing up and holding him to account.

Will John Key now be prosecuted for wasting Police time?



At 27/3/12 11:54 am, Blogger Neil said...

Did you read the article Bomber?

Assistant Commissioner Malcolm Burgess said ...

"While police have issued a warning in this instance, we are clear that the actions of Mr Ambrose were unlawful."

Not that I disagree with your assessment, but the Police have apparently justified John's complaint.

At 27/3/12 7:06 pm, Blogger Ovicula said...

The police don't actually get to decide that. At the moment it's still the prerogative of the courts. Police put together a case which they then put to the courts to make a decision - much as Ambrose himself tried to do but was stopped by a judge who refused to make a decision.

At 27/3/12 9:04 pm, Blogger jane said...

If Key had let it go the search and surveillance bill would look less despicably hypocritical but his squealing and wriggling illuminated the net which has been built to harvest...souls, thoughts, organs, riffs and dittys


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