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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Who won Key vs Shearer Super Thursday?

Today we got to see two visions put out by our two main political leaders. Shearer's vision, while light on detail and dog whistle enough to arouse the right but not spook the left, at least articulated some insight to the frustrations we face as a country with a decade of timid growth and high unemployment looming.

John Key's speech on the other hand seemed to sound more like the Chairman of the Soviet Production Ministry than visionary thinking.

Key's 10 points for NZ in todays speech follows Steven Joyces six key areas for business growth released on Monday which was a subset of the four main priorities Key outlined at the beginning of the year but they weren't the same four priorities outlined by the six point economic plan rolled out in 2010 which were different again from the six points of broader focus off the National party campaign billboards and which have little to do with the 120 point economic action plan announced at last years election.

I kept waiting for Key to declare that chocolate rations are to be lifted while our war with Eurasia continued.

Last year saw the lowest voter turn out in 120 years, a million enrolled voters just didn't bother voting. Sadly those million voters would find lean pickings for democratic engagement from the vision declared by either leader today.

In terms of the political point scoring, Shearer wins because Key exhibited all the vision of a blind cyclops.



At 16/3/12 8:23 am, Blogger Frank said...

Funny that you mention a "Soviet Production Ministry" - Key's plan to amalagamate ministeries into a new uber-ministery reminds me of the USSR's old "MVD" - Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The MVD was so vast; so powerful; that it had it's own militia and secret police.

Please - no one tell Key and Joyce. We don't want to be giving them neo-Stalinist ideas...

At 21/3/12 2:31 pm, Blogger bbfloyd said...

mr bomber....you have discredited yourself comrade.. we are at war with eastasia....always have been... always will be.

i'm having trouble getting around these "previous economic plans" you allege were announced.... surely you must acknowledge that the plan, as outlined by the great leader in his inspirational summary of our progress toward final victory...is the only one.. has always been the only one...

nor do i understand how it is you havn't been "vaporised" yet...


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