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Thursday, March 29, 2012

When will Radio Live get rid of Michael Laws?

Laws lashed for line on violence

The Families Commission has joined the father of a prominent domestic abuse victim in criticising broadcaster Michael Laws' suggestion that women who stay in abusive relationships deserve what they get.

Yawn. Is it radio ratings time again? Almost like clock work Laws seems to brain fart something disgusting into the public sphere right when Radio Live needs ratings and this latest voyage into redneck theology damning women who stay in abusive relationships demands an answer to the question - when will Radio Live stop being a redneck station and get rid of Laws?

It's not just the harm Laws causes to almost every single minority group in NZ, his right wing hate mongering simply makes no economic sense. The redneck radio market is dominated by ZB, by being another redneck radio station, Radio Live offers the market nothing. It's a rational I used in Metro last month to kill off the never rating Kiwi FM and relaunch it as 'Radio NZ 2' which would be a liberal talkback station. My argument being that the redneck talkback market is at full saturation and a liberal talkback station would offer the market something it currently doesn't get. With Kiwi set to be axed in June, I think it's an idea that has generated a lot in interest at the board level of RNZ, and could be launched if they manage to dislodge the only internal element trying to block the idea.

By justifying violence against women who don't leave abusive relationships, Laws has passed even his base benchmarks for generating offense, why Radio Live seem to think that equates into increased market share is utterly beyond me when Laws has lagged in ratings ever since he started at Radio Live.

I suspect his ability to stay on bleating right wing hate has more to do with the large redundancy clause in his 5 year contract than any actual faith in his abilities as a broadcaster.

Never before has having Mediaworks over a barrel sounded so ugly.



At 29/3/12 9:42 am, Blogger DebsisDead said...

That photo of Laws is so disgusting. What is he wearing? It looks like a black tulle jumpsuit.
Yeech see how it clings, and emphasises his burgeoning middle aged spread, which in turn references the probability that this bloke is wearing mascara. A silver daddy in make-up - it just doesn't work.
Revolting. The pic has put me off my coffee.

As for whether Laws, radio live, and all the station's superficialist shit eaters should be shot I vote yes but I fear that mention of them even in those terms only serves to give them the oxygen that they crave.

The need is so bad there is nothing they won't do for just another coupla months of 'celebrity'. Revolting - oops already said that.


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