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Monday, March 05, 2012

What Wikileaks reveals about New Zealand

The latest Wikileaks leak from corporate security advisor Stratfor is delicious reading for how their masters of the universe god complex becomes our reality.

The contempt many regard our passive part of the world however should not lull us sleepy hobbits deeper into apathy, quite the contrary, their lack of respect could spell out the level of risk we face being the pacific meat in the China-US sandwich.

As the US and China joust for the role of alpha super power, their struggles need a cold war backyard where the chances of blow back and sudden escalation are limited, places as strategically disabled as the pacific are the exact places where super powers choose to wrestle in.

The Soviets and the US had MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) to keep the 'cold' war from igniting into full blown nuclear Armageddon. Because they are so entwined economically, China and the US have the MAD of each others economy to consider. The inertia of the Pacific is the perfect place for China and the US to slug out their dominance issues while minimizing the meltdown of each others interconnected economies.

The lack of respect highlighted by these corporate masters of the universe is something we should dread, not sigh in relief over.



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