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Sunday, March 11, 2012

What was said on the protest march

TVNZ claim 5000 marched in union protest - NZ Herald claimed yesterday 2000, but because that figure was so clearly biased, they revised that number up today to 3500. Pffft. I was there, 5000 was far closer the number, but then again, the NZ Herald was also the paper who denigrated the 1951 waterfront workers and were paid a full page advert to heap praise on PoA management, so that the NZ Herald managed to print the figure as a four digit number should be viewed as a triumph.

Same old Tory rag. Same old Tory lies.

It was an amazing amount of energy for a movement that is supposedly on the ropes. What was most fascinating was watching as various leaders of the left moved amongst the march talking, and the one thing on everyones lips was what the hell has Len Brown done.

David Shearer was there. He frustrates the hell out of me. He's smart, gets the issues but just seems to be so poorly advised. A female protester jumped in front of me, Shearer and Matt McCarten as we were talking and she yelled, 'Oh I have to have a photo of the three of you. Matt McCarten replied, "I don't think this one (pointing to David) would want to be compromised by being seen talking to the likes of us". She quipped back, "Oh I think he's compromised already".

Oh I laughed.

The PoA dispute is one of extremes, not from the Union, but from Management. Simon Wilson, the editor of Metro, devastates the PoA argument in his editorial this month. This isn't about economy, it's about ideology. The PoA are the militant ones here, not the Union. In face of such injustice, Labour's lack of stronger words and leadership is worse than weak.

By going nuclear, the PoA now risk blacklisting Auckland as an international port. It is hard to tell if Tony Gibson is an arrogant born to rule type of alpha male who kept upping the ante out of shear pig headedness or whether he is far more Machiavellian and the self sabotage of this manufactured crises is intentional and the PoA implosion is to justify privatization of waterfront assets.

The most fascinating thing I heard was how insular Len has become. That Mike Lee had not been contacted for his advice on the dispute astounds me.

When the hard right masquerading as lite right king of propaganda, David Farrar, is singing Len Brown's praises, you know the four horsemen of the Preposterous have all been sent a Facebook event request.



At 11/3/12 8:05 am, Blogger Firefly said...

It's the right wing's scorched earth policy. They're going to destroy every union in NZ, casualize every workforce and remove every collective agreement - if they get their way.

They're not getting a third term and they know it. Even the media aren't as easily fooled anymore. Just wait for the PPTA teacher negotiations at the end of this year. It'll be the ugliest negotiation for 25 years.

At 11/3/12 9:17 am, Blogger Frank said...

It's amazing how Farrar could hold twop diametrically opposed views within only a week to separate them. I refer to his two op-pieces in the Herald; http://fmacskasy.wordpress.com/2012/03/10/a-slave-by-any-other-name-rua/

One thing I've noticed is the undercurrent in all this. Ordinary folk are becloming more radicalised as employers/Nats/rightwing strike at kiwi workers. Peop;le will only take so much before they stop viewing crap on TV (Masterchef Mongolia - 500 different ways to prepare yak) and notice that they are being shafted.

The Oceania rest home workers who picketed in Upper Hutt last week are a clear example of how National is politicising New Zealanders - and not to the Nats' benefit. http://fmacskasy.wordpress.com/2012/03/01/1-march-no-rest-for-striking-workers/

Having attended that picket, National should be worried. When you piss normally non-political people off, they tend to vent their resentment at the ballot box.

My prediction? This will be National's last term in office for at least a decade; Key will retire to Hawaii permanently; ACT and that political prostitute Peter Dunne, are history; and New Zealanders will yearn to return to being a social democracy.

Not before time.

At 11/3/12 9:54 am, Blogger mel said...

He's smart, gets the issues but just seems to be so poorly advised

Regardless of the advice, David Shearer is making the choices as leader of the Labour Party.

We are wondering why the Labour Leader's values are conspicuously absent in regards to the militant action of the POA.

Further to this, I choked on Dickensian comments from Josie Pagani, that demonstrated absolutely no knowledge of the powerlessness and poverty inherent in casualisation.

Are these harbingers of doom for the Labour Party?

I hope not - but my family's and community's continued support for Labour depends on their traditional values being articulated clearly and soon!!!

At 11/3/12 9:12 pm, Blogger Alex said...

I'm a little surprised Shearer was even there, he hasn't yet come out publicly in support of the MUNZ.

At 13/3/12 3:55 pm, Blogger Ovicula said...

Shearer's a bloody charity worker who'll help set up soup kitchens once nobody can live on the wages paid.


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