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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Treaty of Waitangi or Cheaty White Hangi?

Dear Finland - we are really, really, really sorry for Gerry Brownlee, he's a bully who should pick on a country his own size.

It's interesting that the Finns highlight and have a go at the perception that white people conned the indigenous culture out of their land in their counter satire against us.

Isn't that a fascinating insight that the domestic hobbits won't like acknowledging?



At 28/3/12 10:04 am, Blogger DebsisDead said...

Well yeah the aryan Finn's comments would ring truer if he didn't speak for a nation whose treatment of its indigenous Sami people wasn't as despicable as whitefellas treatment of Aotearoa's indigenous population.
The inherent yet unspoken racism that impelled aryans to invade, colonise and oppress Sami aka the derogatory 'lapps', is prolly the reason so many Scandis sign up for nazi and neo-Nazi cults.

There are still Sami populations in most scandi countries but it is only recently that they have been recognised as a separate people and culture and their language came perilously close to extinction. Sound familiar to kiwis?

As for racist bullshit proclivities it isn't just that piece of pustulence called Anders Behring that holds to that bullshit. There were special regiments of waffen SS comprised of Norwegians, Danes and Swedes fighting on the eastern front. You don't have to be a bourgeois Jo Hasbro fan to know that, redneck fans of shoot em ups should be familiar with Sven Hessel's WW2 novels. Still I spose you do hafta read which is a big ask nowadays.

Here's another little 'factoid' that goes a long way towards understanding the almost innate racism of europeans, especially in those countries settled by 'normans' aka 'norsemen'. The last xtian crusade that europeans conducted wasn't in the Middle East fighting Saladin’s 'Saracen hordes'. It was waged in the lands now called the 'baltic states' - estonia, latvia, and lithuania; against their indigenous pantheist population of which there is almost no trace left now. The whitefellas in baltic states were another mob who signed up big time for the nazi garbage. More SS, concentration camp guards etc.

Still I prefer to take peeps as I find em and worked with a hard core mob of finnish formwork carpenters on construction sites in Northern Australia back in the day. There was nothing racist about them. They were one of the few bands of migrant australians who got on well with Australia's indigenous people. Darwin's rural suburbs comprise quite a few Finnish/Aboriginal families. Maybe they were Sami, I dunno, they sure didn't carry themselves the same as Sven & Inga the blonde backpackers do as they mark their stay shitting under a tree at every flyspeck on their map of Australasia.

fatboy's ploy has paid off instead of discussing aotearoa's parlous economy; here we are distracted by fat boy's en masse ad hominem attack on finns. Which we should ignore, but we won't because of the cultural cringe that has most kiwis in hysteria & shock when any asshole foreigner, visitor or not, calls into question any aspect of NZ. Who cares?

Being a tourist destination is the same as being a whore. You take their money jerk em off quick as you can and send em on their way. If there's a complaint we shouldn't indulge it, just give em a bit of a slap and scare and shoot em thru.

Incidentally can anyone name a single country that has got outta the economic pooh with a major reliance on tourism? I know - Spain. Oops. No. Italy? double oops. And we won't mention Greece. Oh shit I did.
That's because tourists rely on low wage economies. The more tourists come to visit, the further down the toilet yer economy must be. Especially when yer on the other side of the world and take 30 hours sardine can flying to get to.

At 28/3/12 12:17 pm, Blogger DebsisDead said...

shit Hasbro / Nesbo whats the difference?

At 28/3/12 1:55 pm, Blogger Frank said...

Still, Debs, it's interesting that our Finnish cuzzies got it right with their comments on pakeha's quasi-genocidal war on maori, post-colonisation...

At 28/3/12 7:49 pm, Blogger Andre said...

Right on the money there DebsisDead, it always seems cheap and hypocritical for any nationality to point out faults in the conduct of others while conveniently ignoring their own. Although I suppose there is merit in what was said as international awareness of the hypocritical folklore that is often accepted here as truth but far from it.

As for the Second World War, Finland sided with Germany during the interim peace with the USSR after the Winter War which Finland had conceded territory to the USSR (even though Germany agreed Finland was in the Soviet sphere of influence in the Nazi-Soviet pact). After attempted agreements for military aid with Great Britain and Sweden had failed, Finland gained that aid with Germany.

Finland then cooperated with Germany in Operation Barbarossa to regain their territory that they had lost. They then proceeded to occupy East Karelia which had never been a part of Finland and halted their advance north of Leningrad. When Hitler requested the Finns to advance further they rejected it.

When the Finns repulsed the main Soviet advance into Finland in 1944 they concluded a peace agreement which ceded some Finnish territory to the USSR. As part of the agreement Finland was requested to repel the German forces that had based themselves in Lapland which they reluctantly did.

Jews had served in the Finnish army throughout the war and even when the Germans requested they surrender them they did not. Eight Jewish refugees had been surrendered to the Gestapo but no more after the protest of the Finnish Social Democrats. The Finnish army was one of the few axis armies to operate field synagogues, Jews were even tolerated by far-right elements.

Early in the occupation of East Karelia by the Finns, they had established seven concentration camps to intern the Russian population of the region. By late 1941 the interned population reached 24,000, half of the Russian population of East Karelia. 4,000 to 7,000 died in the camps 90% in 1942 due to hunger resulting from the poor harvest of 1941. Eventually the prisoners were freed to settle empty villages in Karelia.

Before the occupation of East Karelia, there was discussion and opposition in the Finnish government over the matter where factions had opted Finland only retain their original boarders.

A lot of Finnish animosity towards the Russians had arisen during the Finnish Civil War of 1918 where the Finnish Red and White Guards (Social Democrats and Conservatives, respectively) had been backed by the Russians “Reds” and Baltic and German support respectively. As a result the White Guard’s victory placed Finland in the western sphere of influence, Stalin later wishing to reclaim Finland in the Russian sphere during the Winter War.

In summary, Finnish involvement in the war is not a black or white matter. Unlike most axis powers, Finland retained a fully functioning democratic government. The level of cooperation with Germany ensured Finland of military aid to aid Finnish independence. Finland maintained autonomy in their relationship with Nazi Germany and exerted it by not bowing to every Nazi demand.


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