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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Treasury fantasy to gut education

When the Treasury shit kicker says education results have been 'static' - you all understand NZ's public education ranks near the top right? So it remaining 'static' is actually an incredible result.

The problem in NZ is the so called 'long tail' those students who perform very poorly, and we know who they are, they are those living in lower socio-economic environments! That's a pure underfunding issue, and it sure as hell won't be solved by adding 2 to 3 more kids per class room. This is a cost cutting measure, to dress it up as a solution when it can't even acknowledge the issue correctly shows that Treasury are part of the problem.



At 21/3/12 7:32 pm, Blogger Penny-Rose said...

I realise that buying a special tee shirt saying I love austerity is probably going to go against any austerity, but what the hell, I love it. I want one. Actually one that says "Treasury is part of the problem" would be good too.

At 21/3/12 7:56 pm, Blogger mel said...

I call for a complete review of Treasury effectiveness and efficiency over the last decade.

In the last ten years their predictions and forecasts have been inaccurate, unhelpful and increasingly antiquated in a post modern, post dribble-down and post neo-liberal world.

Research has indicated that Treasury bean counters in the last ten years have been ineffective and costly, therefore we should call for reduction in said bean counting - which will result in more beans for us all.

At 22/3/12 8:04 am, Blogger Nade said...

Here's an austerity measure - stop our government from subsidizing corporate insanity and have those saved funds injected back into education and health.

At 22/3/12 4:43 pm, Blogger Nitrium said...

Hey, where can I get that t-shirt? ;-)

At 23/3/12 12:44 pm, Blogger Phil said...

What about the crazy forecast from Mr Makhlouf about improving teaching standards to lift GDP by 3-15% BY 2070!!! 2070. IS HE HAVING US ON.


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