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Thursday, March 01, 2012

Mitt Romney moments of Cringe (why Obama will win)

We forget how fanatical evangelical Americans are when it comes to God. They don't worship a fun loving, 'your best friend' kind of God of love...

...they worship the hell fire and damnation vengeful kinda God.

For a vast chunk of evangelical America, Satan is a real being of evil living on Earth (probably in California somewhere), the planet is only 6000 years old and the rapture is just around the corner. For this electorate of blind faith, every bullshit piece of nonsense in their bible is literal, in the same warped interpretation that the Taliban and Wahhabi bring to religious doctrine.

Interestingly, the level of those who worship at church weekly in America is more similar to that of Iran than other Western cultures. There are times Amerika is more a corporate fascist theocracy than functioning democracy.

In God we rust.

This is a problem for Mitt Romney. His Morman faith is seen as a cancerous cult that must be dealt with via amputation, the reason Mitt has Santorum constantly at his heels is because the evangelical vote can't vote for a Morman, it's like asking the grand cyclops of the KKK to vote for Obama.

Mitt will win (those who identify as hard core happy clappy 'feel the spirit of christ and donate to protect Israel' type of Christian is 30%), but Mitt can't excite the core evangelical base meaning he'll get nailed by Obama in the election.

As for Mitt's robotic out of touch wealth and despicable vulture corporate machinations, here's Mitt at his most cringe worthy...



At 3/3/12 9:30 pm, Blogger Frank said...

Why are all Republican candidates such twats?!


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