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Monday, March 12, 2012

Land of the twee, home of the depraved. Mr Key, get us out of Afghanistan NOW!

If you hate corporate profit driven war for 'freedom' then you need to be renditioned and tortured until you beg to Jesus Christ for forgiveness. The farce of war for freedom and democracy is dealt another cruel irony as another US Soldier goes on the rampage...

Afghan women, children shot dead by US soldier

An American soldier opened fire on villagers near his base in southern Afghanistan and killed 16 civilians, according to President Hamid Karzai who called it an "assassination" and furiously demanded an explanation from Washington.

Nine children and three women were among the dead.

...propping up a corrupt narco state, bombing civilians via drones, burning Korans and inadvertently restarting the heroin trade is one thing, gunning down children on rampages is another.

It is well past the time that we were out of this occupation, bring our troops home Mr Key.



At 12/3/12 12:21 pm, Blogger jane said...

This is what happens when you train military with console games, ffs, his chip must have shorted out...look at what's happening to the children:
and where's the international outcry?

At 12/3/12 10:59 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

Why are you asking jonkey-stein ? Shouldn't you be asking Barack Obama , President of New Zealand , The USA , The World and everything on it , under it , around it and beyond it , including the Moon , the dust on it and all the great , dusty , gaseous , unearthly bodies ( Sounds like the National Party front bench . ) known to astro-science and all that stuff , everywhere ? Want to make a real difference in Afghanistan ? The West can stop driving all cars trucks and buses now , recycle everything with an oil based composition and legalize Heroin . Yeah ....? Nah . Instead ? Like shooting fish in a barrel . Fuck Yeah ! Or is that 'Boo Yeah !' ? Or is that the USofA's MSM pulling the same head fuck on the greater public that our lot do to us for them ? What ever . I'm taking a holiday . Fuck this for a joke .

At 12/3/12 11:09 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

@ jane . Go on holiday . Go to where you can't speak their language so you have no idea whats going on and put your feet up . It's just too fucking big and too fucking awful . @ Frank @ Blueleapordthinks @ Nitrium etc , you too . It's been a blast but this is going nowhere . Why did Tumeke block out the follow-up comments box ? It effectively stops like minded souls communicating , organizing and feeling connected . I smell a rat , call me old fashioned if you must .


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