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Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Key strips assets AND values

So the text is out and all the social responsibilities built into our assets have been ripped apart. The Treaty clause is dumped, the corporate responsibility clause is dumped and oversight by the ombudsman has been dumped and the assurances that 'Mum and Dad' investors will be first in line for shares has been dumped, all for a 'guess' of how much we will gain from flogging off our assets while acknowledging now that the cost of selling them from lost revenues will cost us more than keeping the assets...

Law won't give Kiwis first rights to shares

There will be no legal requirement for Kiwis to have first rights to the shares in state assets floated by the Government.

Legislation to establish the new "mixed ownership model" was introduced to Parliament last night.

The "corporate responsibility" clauses governing state-owned enterprises were dropped for the new companies and the law did not include a guarantee that New Zealand investors would have priority to invest.

The National Party has always promised it would put Kiwi investors "at the front of the queue" when it sold down shares in four energy companies and Air New Zealand.

...private investors will be free of all those terrible laws that attempt to reign in the greed of private corporations, it's as if all the wins of the past have been wiped clean by Key. The second our assets are for sale, they will be snapped up by overseas investors who will crank up the cost of power and we will send our money overseas. The inevitability of this stupidity is Iraq-esk.

The insult to injury is that the only people wealthy enough to afford the shares are the same ones National borrowed a billion dollars in tax cuts for, to hold up the 51% NZ ownership we would be forced to buy shares and proceeds of these assets will go to a $400 million irrigation scheme for bloody farmers! Why are we subsidizing farmers, the wealthy and speculative investors?

We are adopting more Milton Friedman free market dogma to counter a global economic crises caused by that same Milton Friedman free market dogma.

Hashtag ideological fuckwitedness.



At 6/3/12 1:28 pm, Blogger Hoàng Yến said...

moi cac ban nghe Nhac DJ

At 6/3/12 7:18 pm, Blogger Nitrium said...

"moi cac ban nghe"
Vietnamese for "the new hearing"?

Anyway, on topic. So Key is getting his way. Is anyone really surprised? NZ has clearly been coopted by oligarchs. How it happened is still a bit of a blur, but here we are. Frankly I'll be more than a bit pissed off if our SOE's simply go straight to the global market, since I was committed to buying as many as I can afford. John Key has seriously sold out NZ and NZers. I stand by my prediction he will become the most unpopular PM of all time. But it will be too late by then. He will loot this country for every cent he can squeeze for himself (if you believe his Trust truly operates without personal insider tips you are very very naïve) and his bankster buddies.

At 6/3/12 8:29 pm, Blogger peterquixote said...

New Zealanders, all of us, wish for our dear country New Zealand a Country where we have our own power.
We wish to own our own country.
We will not allow transfer of assets.

We will own our own country, and if in the end we need activist to do this so be it.

At 6/3/12 10:37 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

God man ! There you go again . Baggin them farmers . Let me ask you this . What did you eat today ? Was it food ? It was ! There ya go then ! NZ farmers are working class people thinking they're doing a private enterprise thing , thinking they're special friends to the Milton Friedman aliens they're being manipulated by , that you keep making reference to . They are more fragile than you might imagine and if they die off , you and I and everybody else in Gods own Mate is FUCKED ! Why can't you see , the NZ farmer is in fact subsidizing YOU ! They carry insane debt , they work bizarre hours , they look up the arses of animals for a relatively meager living and they EARN FOREIGN MONEY for us to spend on shit . Why do you put farmers in there with the greedy , cunning , useless , tyrannical , sociopathic , urbane elite ? I can tell you why . You have no idea what you're talking about ! Now , that's a little freaky in my humble opinion . You are doing what generations of urbane New Zealanders have done before you . You don't understand how important the balance between rural and urbane NZ is . You think Auckland is the alpha and omega . You are wrong ! It's wrong to cleave off NZ farmers and relegate them with the Useless Elite . It makes you look like you've not done your homework .

At 7/3/12 8:55 am, Blogger Richard Christie said...


It's rather curious that you consider rural dwellers incapable of being urbane, it rather undermines your point, such as it is.

At 7/3/12 9:33 am, Blogger fatty said...

Diary farmers do nothing for me...string them up by their balls as far as I am concerned.

I don't eat dairy products or beef, not only is it unaffordable for me, but I refuse to support an industry which steals funding that should be used for education and health needs...the only thing I get in return from the farmers is polluted rivers, as a result I am unable to enjoy the nature that they've shat all over.

"What did you eat today ? Was it food ?"

Yip, I ate some porridge, some veges, some chick peas, some rice, some fruit...just the usual.
What I didn't eat is diary or meat...so farmers can choke on a piece of their chemically riddled cow shit and die a sorry death....my life becomes better each time a diary farmer dies.

"Why do you put farmers in there with the greedy , cunning , useless , tyrannical , sociopathic , urbane elite ?"

I would add to that list the words stupid and inbred...I would also put greedy in capitals.

"they look up the arses of animals for a relatively meager living and they EARN FOREIGN MONEY for us to spend on shit."

Firstly, its a well documented fact that hillbillies enjoy looking at the arses of animals. Secondly, they make a shitload of money (I'm surviving on $200 a week, about the same amount that a hillbillie spends daily on petrol for his tractor/toys). Thirdly the farmers get foreign currency for themselves only...then they force up the price of meat and milk in NZ, hog the resources and pollute our environment.

As for Auckland...who gives a fuck about that desperate shit stain. They ruined their own city by electing john banks years ago, as far as I know most Aucklanders don't even think about NZ's hillbillies.
Christchurch is where the true hatred of rednecks is developing. The people of Chch are the ones who are directly affected by intensive farming. Chch's water is under threat and is now becoming more polluted and more undrinkable. The hillbillies voted in the blue team, and the blue team hijacked ecan and is ruining Canterbury.

In short country boy, you do nothing for me, I don't consume any products produced through modern intensive farming, fortunately I am able to avoid propping up their environment destroying industry. However, I am not able to avoid their pollution and the wider economic impact from government sponsorship of hillbillies.

"They are more fragile than you might imagine"...thanks for trying to comfort me, but with Bill English giving the hillbillies handouts, I'm guessing I'll be suffering from inbred pollution for many years to come.

At 7/3/12 9:44 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

HAhaha ! I love it when I touch a nerve . The thin veneer of ignorance doesn't take much of a scratch to breach .

At 8/3/12 10:24 am, Blogger fatty said...

Glad I could be of service countryboy.

I'm always ready too enlighten hillbillies when it is needed.

I am happy to continue if you want...I have only really touched on the pollution issue (which needs to be expanded on)...in addition the idiotic notion of farmers being NZ's economic backbone needs to be covered. There is also a need to expose how we as a nation still suffer from a hillbilly-centric identity crisis. Our hillbillies have defined and ingrained the concept of individual responsibility, meanwhile they have been getting payouts from our Govt for their failures. Its a sick reality.


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