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Monday, March 05, 2012

Heterosexual panic destroys another homosexual life

Heterosexual panic is a terrifying condition that somehow manages to mediate violence lashed out at queers whose gaydar is apparently on the blink which in turn seems to justify any level of grievous bodily harm. Another homosexual life gets damaged because a frightened breeder got spooked, how provincial of Auckland... Jail for K Rd assault: Remorse 'too little too late'

An Aucklander who left a man "severely brain damaged" after an assault on Karangahape Road has been jailed for a year.

Sitaleki Langi Kaloamatangi, 20, assaulted Trevor Kaukau in June last year.

His professed remorse was rejected by Judge Roy Wade who today said Kaloamatangi had breached bail four times since arrest.

"It was too little, too late," the judge said in the Auckland District Court.

Kaukau, 40, was found unconscious on Karangahape Rd at 5.45am on June 25.

He was placed in a drug-induced coma and underwent surgery to relieve swelling on his brain.

He has since emerged from the coma but was said by a police prosecutor to be "severely brain damaged".

A police prosecutor told the court Kaukau was a "community man" and "a good man who was committed to his family".

He said Kaloamatangi had not yet made a "sober assessment of his act" and the remorse he professed was too late in the piece.

Kaloamatangi's defence said he had been sexually propositioned and he "reacted badly".

I would have thought after 'Queer eye for the straight guy' went mainstream that it was impossible to feel heterosexual panic let alone use it as a defense for an assault that leaves a person brain damaged.



At 5/3/12 7:41 am, Blogger PM of NZ said...

"it was impossible to feel heterosexual panic"

It does not matter how many vile shows in the genre are force fed to the masses via various mainstream media, there will always be some of us out there that rightly find the notion of men shagging men absolutely and utterly repulsive.

The panic element as defence for physical violence is from more enlightened times, when marriage was valued.

At 5/3/12 9:56 am, Blogger Richard Christie said...

@ PM of NZ
Is the picture illustrating the post from your personal collection?

At 5/3/12 10:38 am, Blogger Cloudy_Luke said...

"The panic element as defence for physical violence is from more enlightened times, when marriage was valued."

Enlightened times?
PLEASE elaborate, for everyone's entertainment.

At 5/3/12 10:50 am, Blogger countryboy said...

@ PM of NZ . Does your username stand for Prime Minister of Neo Zealots ? My mother in law and I were attacked by a drunken young guy in New Years eve . One of the things he shouted out the loudest as I kicked his arse here and there was that he thought I was a poofter . I remember thinking , how strange that he might regard that as an insult to me . If anybody really wants to fuck me off , call me a red neck bigot . Call me an ignorant Hater . Call me a deviant christian God botherer . Call me @ PM of NZ . If you don't like Gay sex , stop peeping through their windows while they're at it then . Stick to wanking in your dark , lonely , little corner .

At 5/3/12 11:15 am, Blogger countryboy said...

Jesus ! I just read this post . ( Yeah , I know . React then read . I'm only human . ) One year ! One fucking year for leaving a person brain injured because of his ' sexual approaches 'Didn't he fuck it up ? Serves him right aye @ PM of NZ ? Right up there with what I assume are your white / right / pink and clean good christian values I bet . Beat them fags to death yeah ? Hurt 'em . Give 'em pain . Fuckin' fags aye @ Pm of NZ . While I'm no Gay man , I've been 'approached' on the odd occasion and have been quite flattered . What the fuck is wrong with Roy Wade . Judge . Judge of what ? Fried chicken wings ? The thug who did the injuring should have been given preventative detention . Society needs to be protected from monsters like that . A year ! Fuck ! I'm astounded and horrified ! Judge Roy ! You're a ... God , I can't think of a word that describes such flagrant idiocy! I was going to use the C word but my partner wouldn't let me . Get a job in the freezing works . You can legally kill and cut up little fluffy animals there . Right up your ally mate !

At 5/3/12 12:49 pm, Blogger n.kirkland63 said...

The twisted reasoning that underlies heterosexual panic is the twisted logic of the rapist. If a proposition is made then the act is going to take place regardless of the wishes of the proopositioned.

At 5/3/12 2:05 pm, Blogger slydixon said...

Being one of Bomber's hated Boomer generation sadly gay guys have stopped propositioning me now. I never sought it or felt faintly interested but now its gone I sort of miss it. Women have given up on me too which is more depressing. The fact is if you are frightened or repulsed by someone approaching you in a sexual manner then you are either emotionally juvenile or a hiding something or both.

At 5/3/12 3:59 pm, Blogger KG said...

Naughty, naughty PMofNZ!
Regarding unnatural sexual acts between "males"
and being repulsed by poo-pushing, cock-sucking aberrants means you'll never be admitted to the ranks of the enlightened, superior non-judgemental left.
I bet you object to murdering babies, too? tsk tsk...
It's off to re-education camp for you.

At 5/3/12 5:03 pm, Blogger Frank said...

One year?!

That year might be worthwhile if he spent it in the gay community, meeting people; helping them; and getting to know them as human beings rather than as one-dimensional caricatures.

After that year, if Kaloamatangi doesn't understand the nature of his vile act, then there is no hope for him, and the religious bigots can keep him.

PM of NZ: nice attempt at trolling. But *fail*. C'mere, mate, and have a big, warm, non-gender-specific hug from me!

At 5/3/12 6:27 pm, Blogger Tim said...

@slydixon...I get where you're coming from. I also well remember seeing amongst all that black t-shirted march through Wellington by the Destiny Church a few years back, a young bigot that propositioned my repeatedly. (That was before I started going blind too). The 'repulsed' should indeed stop peering through windows. Looks to me like many of the above views are those from the Graham Capill school of morality.

At 6/3/12 2:04 pm, Blogger Andre said...

Sexuality is one of those contentious issues up there with ethnicity, religion and politics among others, which are fought out in the sphere of public opinion, everybody subscribing to their own beliefs or prejudices. It is naive to expect everyone to value the same beliefs in regard to them; no doubt there will always be racists, homophobes and a variety of bigots always living amongst us, their influence waxing and waning over time. The unifying source of enlightenment everyone can benefit from is non-violence, in the end nobody ever really gains when violence is used.

Since there is growing homosexual emancipation, many men so overly concerned with their warped chauvinist belief of masculinity could benefit from taking a lesson from the woman folk they oppressed for so long. For so long women often had to put up with these randy chauvinist men crudely making a pass at them which they managed to shake off without the use of violence. Many men today have to see the light out of the caves they dwell in, cast aside their caveman attitudes, grow a brain bigger than their balls and realise the advantages of non-violence over brawn along with the prevailing wind of tolerance.

Those men who harbour the conviction to abide by some warped ancient idea of what constitutes masculinity by becoming some crude all balls and no brains dimwit, ready to fight at the drop of a hat like some hepped up Waffen SS Storm trooper, should realise they cause more problems in the world then all the homosexuals alive. This warped concept of masculinity is what produces wars, intolerance and fascism.

Some definitions to consider:

heterosexual panic

an acute attack of anxiety that results in the frantic pursuit of heterosexual activity in response to unconscious or latent homosexual impulses.

homosexual panic

an acute, extreme anxiety reaction brought on by circumstances that induce the unconscious fear of being homosexual or of succumbing to homosexual impulses.


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