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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Duncan Garner vs Whaleoil over John Key footage

There have been times when I've been critical of Duncan Garner, there are moments when The Nation seems to lean so hard to the right it makes NZ on Air's funding decisions for political documentaries look progressive. That said, I've never thought Duncan Garner was a liar.

That Cam got it so wrong by claiming Garner was lying after doing the dirty work of the PoA by releasing personal info on the trauma of a wharfie suggests the whale has beached himself and is in need of some actual work or risks being put on a suicide watch.

Poor Cam, he's better than this. His fall from grace this week is akin to watching a full blown Parkinson's Muhammad Ali trying to get back in the ring to proclaim he's still the champ. Take a mental health week off Cam, you need it.

Garners damning piece highlighting the utter deception of Key saying in 2008 to a PSA meeting in never before seen footage that he wasn't going to cut jobs and sell assets as they were stupid ideas is further proof that sleepy hobbits reap what they sow. It must be important because the Government's chief propagandist, the bore of babylon, David Farrar has leapt on line to start the spin job trying to wipe this arsehole clean before the rest of NZ gets a whiff of it.

Sadly because of the selfish way the mainstream media run in this country, the NZ Herald and TVNZ are unlikely to pick up the hard work Garner has done in unearthing this because he works for TV3, so this footage needs to be uploaded on line and into the social media networks to play endlessly.

Watching the gloss ooze off Key is almost worth having to tolerate his failed ideology. Almost.

That 3rd term is looking further and further away, National strategists must be thinking of ways of rebuilding bridges with NZ First. Watch this space.



At 15/3/12 10:11 pm, Blogger Keeping Stock said...

Classy stuff Martyn, making a snide little mental health joke. I didn't think that you would stoop so low. Little wonder that the Left is viewed with such scorn.

At 15/3/12 10:24 pm, Blogger Bomber said...

This coming from you Keeping Stock? I love the feigned horror routine employed here.

Actually I thought I was being light humored for Cam. In the wake of the pasting he's gotten from Garner and posting up the PoA HR records, I was noting that Cam is actually much better than this. And If I recall, it was a one liner I've used to Cam's face on the TV3 Post election show, I said, 'If Labour had won, Cam would have been on suicide watch'.

Your sudden concern seems 5 months too late Keeping Stock.

At 15/3/12 11:00 pm, Blogger Nitrium said...

Wow, so former Bankster John Key is a two-faced liar. Who would have thunk it?

At 16/3/12 8:20 am, Blogger Frank said...

"Keeping Stock" - faux outrage at criticism/mocking of Cam is as derisory as Slater's own behaviour regarding the POAL worker.

We know what outrages righties - and it ain't discrimination (as if!) - it's revealing one of your own for what he is.

Deal with it.

At 16/3/12 7:09 pm, Blogger Ovicula said...

By posting about his mental condition, Whale Excrement makes it open to comment. The sooner he learns to swim far enough offshore to get a Japanese harpoon stuck in him, the better. Or maybe his mate Key will allow the Japanese to catch 49% of the whales up to 100m offshore? Following their asset sale logic, this would mean whales were still protected.


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