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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Citizen A - Ports of Auckland trouble at mill special

Issue 1: Management have sacked 300 workers - what are the ramifications and is Len Brown and David Shearer still missing in action?

Issue 2: The mainstream media have claimed new industrial action is evidence of militant unions, but isn't it militant bosses trying it on in the second term of a hard right Government?

Issue 3: What is the outlook for industrial relations under John Key until 2014?

Citizen A broadcasts 7pm Thursday Triangle TV



At 10/3/12 9:08 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

Bomber , you're scratching around at the very door of The Great Institutionalized , New Zealand Lie . At least that's what I call it . This is all terribly exciting for me . Years ago , my dad started a direct action Farmers Union Movement . Him and another bloke became frighteningly effective at packing out otherwise empty Halls usually destined to become hollow , morbid tombs for those few farmers who braved the weather to have a cup of tea and a moan and listen to some Federated Farmers ( Right Wing Minion ) rep' drone on and on and on . My dad realized that fighting Trade Unions was a false economy to say the least so he hatched a cunning plan ... Become another Trade Union and enjoy the protection and camaraderie of fellow workers ! After all , despite what the few Urbane Power Elite might have us believe , Farmers are part of the Union , a part of a holistic process if you like . ( Fuck ! I can hear neck hairs bristling as I write ! ) Farmers everywhere at that time , saw the logic and the safety . Our watersiders , freezing workers , railway workers , shearers , truck drivers , etc etc ! Our Brothers ! Not the enemies we're [ Farmers ] told you are . Brothers in Arms ! The Auckland Waterfront Strike ? History repeating itself ? Fuck Yeah ! For those of you who might ask ' What the fuck have my ramblings got to do with the latest Bomber posting and the events of the day ? I can tell you . It's Farmer generated , export currency earned money that's at stake here . It's the Great " That Which Must Not Be Talked About" Green ( Sheep shit ) Economy baby ! It's the money from them there dumb fucking hillbillies ! The cow fuckers , the sheep shaggers , Them ' Hang 'Em By The Balls ' The Dirty Rotten Filthy Lucky Bastards who trudge about in cold muddy weather giving you your two hundie a week @ faty . And by the way , your either an idiot or a 'confederate' , perhaps both . WE ! All of us are being played out by a small room full of greedy , shameless cunts ! I'm now a landless farmer thanks to the Bank and I say Go you Union Guys and Girls ! Well done ! I'm proud of you all ! ( Whew ! I need a cup of tea and a wee lie down now ! ) P.S. Tumeke ! Where is that little check box to deal with comments ?


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