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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

30% job cuts looming at Human Rights Commission

John Key has his big Thursday speech this week, as does David Shearer. David is going to try out his new dog whistle that John Pagani has crafted for him (what David Farrar and John Pagani have in common is that they both pretend to be moderate and progressive). Key has so many cut backs to the public service to announce, he probably needs two speeches. On top of the hundreds sacked at TPK and MFAT, Key will try and downplay the nearly 3000 extra job cuts looming and the up to 3 prisons to be closed, but wait, there's more.

One of the joys of being a left wing blog in a time of a hard right Government is the vast level of leaks Tumeke is now receiving on a daily bases, the latest is that the Human Rights Commission has 30% job cuts looming.

30% job cuts at the HRC? But how will the HRC resource human rights complaints against the Government? Ohhhh, by cutting staff, the HRC becomes toothless doesn't it?

National have already done more than any other Government in NZ political history to make the HRC redundant.

Cabinet bypassed the normal process for appointing members of the Human Rights Review Tribunal when it appointed former National Party MP, homophobic bigot and human rights vandal, Brian Neeson.

Appointing a homophobic bigot like Brian Neeson to the Human Rights Tribunal is like appointing Paul Henry to the Broadcasting Standards Authority! John Key may as well appoint hood wearing, cross burning Klansmen to the Human Rights Review Tribunal if Neeson is the new benchmark.

Only the National Party of NZ could appoint a homophobic bigot to the ‘Human Rights Review Tribunal’, forget right wing ideologues like ACT MP Ken Shirley or the Reverend Ravi Musuku (who was explaining last election that all Prisoners needed was the word of Jesus to help them along) those two examples would be bad enough but Neeson’s long history of bigotry is something that is utterly inappropriate. For the love of Christ, Neeson has intellectually argued AGAINST homosexuals gaining the same human rights as any of us in Parliament, Brian Neeson is a human rights vandal NOT a human rights defender!

Appointing a homophobic bigot isn't far enough for National, they want to crucify the HRC's ability to resource complaints with 30% job losses. The HRC is one of the few groups who can force the Governments hands on human rights, (funny how the complaint against Paula Bennett for her despicable public assault of Tarsha Fuller for having the audacity to complain about the cruelty and hypocrisy of Bennett removing student loans for solo mums has quietly sunk below the HRC's tribunal which Neeson is now a member of isn't it?).

Crippling the HRCs ability to investigate complaints while appointing bigots to the tribunal is certainly one way of ripping up NZers human rights.

The country was conned by Key's smile and wave public persona in his first term due to an uncritical mainstream media while he quietly maneuvered the privatization agenda for implementation in the second term. The reason we need these public service cutbacks is because John Key has run the revenue stream down with tax cuts we are borrowing for the rich. NZers have been played like chumps, I wonder how the sleepy hobbits like John Key now?



At 13/3/12 3:50 pm, Blogger Ovicula said...

He's just following the American neocon manual, with emphasis on con. We'll have to defend our own human rights against these swine.


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