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Monday, February 20, 2012

What should really happen to Kiwi FM will be in Metro Magazine next week

Kiwi FM not so kiwi anymore

New Zealand music radio station Kiwi FM has announced it will start playing 40 per cent international content from tomorrow (Monday).

The MediaWorks-owned broadcaster has been struggling with low listener numbers since it was launched in 2006.

What is shit brown and can't fly? Kiwi FM.

Why Labour handed over $6million worth of radio frequency ($2million a frequency) to a foreign owned media company without so much as a plan has NEVER been explained to me by members of the Labour Party. When I bring it up with them now they cringe and get flustered. Now it's not even 100% NZ music, why this scam continues is beyond me. As someone at Channel Z, I told the managers it wouldn't work, 6 years on, surprise, surprise it didn't work.

What should happen to the frequency is something I explore in my guest column in Metro Magazine, due out next week. It's an open letter to the Broadcasting Minister where I point out that he could help public broadcasting with no extra cost.



At 22/2/12 7:07 pm, Blogger Myopsida said...

Dear Kiwi FM. Please look at models such as KFAI from Minnesota (USA). You could be true community radio with local music, world music, world news, independent journalism...


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