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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Universal Suffrage Project 2014

Why wasn't anyone from the electoral commission sacked for the appalling turn out in the 2011 election?

NZ believed it had achieved universal suffrage in 1893, the 2011 result showing the worst voter turn out in 120 years demands a response beyond a mere Justice and Electoral Select Committee review. The loss of blood on Gallipoli shores, the honor of medals for bravery and the battles against Nazism mean little in the fight for democracy if we allow participation at home to be smothered.

Voter disfranchisement demands an active Government, and the threat to our democracy from apathy should be seen as much of a threat as any of the wars we've fought for democracy. We need an active Government to look at new ideas and new ways to bring the apathetic and disillusioned to not only enroll but to vote.

Under the present Government, voter disenfranchisement has increased, leaving the ridiculous situation where John Key leads the country when 68% of the enrolled electorate didn't vote for his Party.

There are 5 things the Justice and Electoral Select Committee review must look at to increase voter participation and to see the lack of voter interaction as a serious threat to the quality of our democracy. We must push for a universal suffrage by 2014 with the following 5 ideas...

1: Lower the voting age to 16 alongside civics education classes in School to start the passion for democracy at a younger age. Taxation without representation is that most heinous of high crimes against citizens and taxing 16 and 17 year olds minus their right to say how that tax should be spent is worth expanding the franchise of democracy all on its own minus the wider social good of allowing the young their say.

2: Allow any voter to go onto the unpublished electoral roll and make the process as easy as ticking a box. So many of our citizens are on the run from debt collectors or abusive spouses that they refuse to enroll so as to not be detected. Any NZer can go onto the unpublished roll but the Electoral Commission goes out of its way to demand all sorts of reasons for it to occur. If the end point is to make it as easy as possible for citizens to participate, streaming this process and making it as easy as a box tick is a priority.

3: Make the date of the election a Wednesday and make it a public holiday. We bitch so much in this country about not having a day we can celebrate as NZers because white people feel so guilty about Waitangi Day, why not search for that which binds us and celebrate that? Election Day should be a celebration because we are one of the few privileged nations around the planet that allows political leadership to change minus violence and repression. Our exercising of the right to vote peacefully is celebration in itself and making it a mid week public holiday would do more for participation rates than any single thing the Justice and Electoral Select Committee review could endorse.

4: The National Party as part of their disgustingly unethical redneck tough on crime posturing passed law stripping prisoners of their rights to vote. Removing a prisoner incarcerated for less than 3 years their ability to vote removes any connection a prisoner might have with civil society. The argument is that prisoners who are inside for less than 3 years should be able to vote because the decision of the election will impact them one way or another once they are released within the lifetime of that Government. Nationals redneck worship by stripping prisoners of their right to vote puts us on the opposite side of the European Court of Human Rights who have argued against this type of prisoner flogging. Their argument is that incarceration doesn't remove your human right to vote, this is a positron far too intellectual for the National Party who seem more comfortable at farmer shed lynchings than the finer details of how the state should treat the incarcerated.

5: Expand the civics course in schools to immigrant communities and make the course a compulsory part of becoming a NZer so that new citizens know their civic rights and responsibilities.We do our new citizens a terrible disservice by not extending any hand of welcome when they become NZers other than a certificate ceremony. How can we expect them to interact in civil society with all the autonomy citizens have if the history and cultural norms haven't been explained?

The expansion of the democratic franchise should be the main focus of any democracy, our worst participation rate in 120 years demands solutions that go beyond the passive nothings our major political parties are currently mouthing as suggestions.

NZ once led the world on universal suffrage, we need an upgrade and we need that upgrade now.



At 28/2/12 9:34 am, Blogger Graeme Edgeler said...

Why blame the Electoral Commission?

Who decided their budget?

And most importantly, who decided to run campaigns based on very little difference between the campaigns and small target strategies?

At 28/2/12 9:43 am, Blogger Penny-Rose said...

Excellent post. I was shocked that the turnout was so bad for the election, so many people complaining and yet so few trying to do something about it.

At 28/2/12 1:17 pm, Blogger Alex said...

I posted yesterday a number of thoughts on how voter turnout could be improved, some of them more realistic than others. First and foremost I think the election day media blackout should end, on election day the election should be at the forefront of people's minds. Many non-voters may have simply woken up on the Saturday, had a lie in, pottered around the garden, and clean forgotten it is election day. Other suggestions include a more proportional electoral system, if people feel no party with a realistic shot at getting 5% represents them, then why would they vote for anybody?

At 1/3/12 10:12 am, Blogger wiggy555 said...

Very well formulated thoughts, thank you for the effort, formulating them. Unfortunately we have National in power, which will abandon channel 7 TV, decreasing objective information. It's an old story, the right wing does not want people educated more than just to be useful for their basic job.

At 1/3/12 2:40 pm, Blogger Tar and Feather The Bastards said...

good article but who benefits from low turnouts ?? the right do !! . . you only have to look at the states to see this to be universily true - robocalls to democrats telling them the election is day after the election,(yes its hapened!!) wrong polling station advice, poor areas with less locations to vote, felons lossing their rights to vote, and don't forget electronic vote fraud too.

Time to make voting compulsory perhaps ??

At 2/3/12 8:30 am, Blogger jane said...

I'm still thinking subliminals used at RWC (black for the All Blacks, blue for....?) was a main culprit for the no show, after all, if people felt they were doing their bit with all that screaming and shouting and their flags ffs, wasn't that enough? Isn't supporting your country more important than worrying about the economy or the 200,000 kids living in poverty? Then the election was snuck in like a credit card in a door catch. (& yay, I'm not a robot today)


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