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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

There's a question mark over Paul Henry's success on Australian TV?

Henry: 'I don't care whether (Channel 10) viewers actually like me'

Controversial broadcaster Paul Henry says he doesn't mind if viewers of his new show on Australian television don't like him - as long as they are entertained.

Australian media have put the chances of Channel 10 successfully cracking the lucrative breakfast market squarely on Henry's shoulders.

Henry has claimed to be relaxed ahead of the network's new Breakfast show's launch, which has not been confirmed but is rumoured to be by the end of the month.

There's a question mark over whether or not Paul Henry will be successful on Australia TV? Really? Certainly, a right wing NZer would only cut it as a left wing Australian, so vast is their acceptance of racism that can pass as polite dinner party conversation, but Paul is surely a special case?

Paul is so redneck, he should get his own tone of crimson named after him at Resene Paints. His race baiting, feminist hating, special olympic mocking brand of broadcasting will go down with the Ozzie's as smooth and easy as a Fosters on Australia Day.

Thankfully his leaving will stop Mediaworks embarrassingly groveling on their belly for him past'Would I lie to you' which looks just awful.



At 8/2/12 10:30 pm, Blogger Ovicula said...

He could end being as successful as Derryn Hinch, but I suspect he lacks the brash macho ockerness that Aussies find appealing. Instead he looks like a stupid schoolboy trying to be mates with the bullies. My prediction is that he won't last long at all.
Oh, and please stop saying Aussies drink Fosters. They don't.

At 10/2/12 7:00 am, Blogger jane said...

Unfortunately, he may just be another feather in the ocker cap taken orf to bait 'zilenders over their low IQs (as in, "haha, ya voted to sell orf ya power generators and ya airline how dumb is that??? haha")

At 12/2/12 11:33 pm, Blogger Frank said...

Haven't watched "Would I lie to You?" and have no intention of watching it. And no, I'm not lying to you.


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