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Monday, February 27, 2012

Shut down Kiwi FM - relaunch it as RNZ2

My guest column in Metro is out today where I argue that Kiwi FM should be shut down and restarted as Radio NZ2, and that RNZ2 would have sponsorship allowed on it to subsidize the cost of Radio NZ to the Government.

Why we are not using the $6million worth of asset Kiwi FM represents to actually lower the cost of public broadcasting to the Government while also increasing the amount of public broadcasting is a question that must be asked.

Turning Kiwi FM into RNZ2 changes the current paradigm of the public broadcasting debate by using private public partnerships to help provide it. The irony alone should appeal.



At 27/2/12 11:59 pm, Blogger Powertool said...

Whilst I can see this current Government closing down Kiwi FM by cutting their funding. Somehow I can't see them redirecting those funds to a RNZ2 as per your suggestion. Kiwi FM is far from perfect but I still believe we are better with it(even in it's new form of 60% NZ content) than without.


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