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Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Rallying around the Treaty to save state assets?

National are either...

a) Private school boy bogans who have accidentally wandered into a treaty minefield due to their thick necked arrogance that defines consultation as 'sign here'


b) Realizing there will be no third term, have decided that now is the time to ram through as many hard right economic policies as possible and if that costs them the political camouflage of the Maori Party, so be it.

The most interesting irony in all of this could be the accidental fusion National seem to have sown the seeds for here because if the Treaty suddenly becomes seen as the sovereignty handbrake to asset sales, Key will have managed to merge Maori nationalism and those espousing economic nationalism in a manner he will find hard to separate.

Treaty rights could make a cross cultural jump as Pakeha's anger at asset sales identify with self determining sovereignty.

Dumping Section 9 of the SoE Act is to National what the Seabed and Foreshore land confiscation was to Labour. National are effectively throwing out one of the hardest won sovereignty victories for Maori which can now act as a rallying point for all NZers demanding no privatization.

'Honour the treaty' means the economic autonomy that guarantees sovereignty by holding on to our assets. Key could have accidentally triggered a response that unifies in a way his strategists haven't considered.

With more damning news about National gutting TPK about to break, this Waitangi Day looks set to be the most important in decades.



At 1/2/12 10:27 am, Blogger Ben Wilson said...

Treaty rights could make a cross cultural jump as Pakeha's anger at asset sales identify with self determining sovereignty.

I think Mana were very switched on to attempt to sell their party to Pakeha as well as Maori. It was quite literally the first time I've considered voting for a Maori party myself (being Pakeha), the first time I thought the Treaty could be an document that actually works for the nation.

I'm not Maori, but I don't want things taken from Maori, any more than I want them taken from me. They're still my people, in so far as I have always lived among them, they have rights, and defending their rights is a form of solidarity to me. It really is defending my own rights, and those of my children, on a long view of the matter.

At 1/2/12 3:45 pm, Blogger Frank said...

This is where David Shearer can make his mark and draw a line in the sand. All he needs to do is state simply, quietly, and confidently.

"Labour will undo National's last "X" years and will return this country to a measure of normality.

I put John Key on notice: your policies will be unstitched, piece by rotten piece.

So enjoy your political machinations. They will not last."

If that doesn't get Key's attention, not much will.

At 1/2/12 4:32 pm, Blogger Greg Os said...

Ben, that pretty much hit the nail on the head for me, in fact I did vote Mana.

At 5/2/12 7:33 am, Blogger jane said...

I like that Bomber, "Treaty rights could make a cross cultural jump..." This would be a step into the present. After all, how many of those 250,000 children living below the poverty line have the blood of many races stirred into their little arteries?

At 5/2/12 1:42 pm, Blogger Frank said...

Key has cut short his visit to the Treaty grounds because of angry protests...

Gosh, what a surprise. No one saw that coming?!


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