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Friday, February 03, 2012

Private-public partnerships: kiss goodbye to privacy

Just as the Labour government did a dirty deal to release personal information of welfare beneficiaries to landlords who claim they are owed money (thus treating the landlords as a special higher class of creditor and thus treating beneficiaries as a lower class of debtor without the normal protections of the law) so the National government is continuing the privatisation of personal data to the private sector. The consequence is a form of extra, additional punishment - a double jeopardy if you like - for the debtor. It's a nasty, cunty and pernicious policy.

"Pay your fines, or pay the price", as the campaign is being called is just like the extension of the NZ IRD into Australia and other jurisdictions - to get that extra dollar returned to the NZ Crown they are prepared to undermine other principles of justice. In doing so they will breed resentment amongst the growing number of people who fall into their clutches for owing one thing or another - no matter how small.

Already there are ads saying if you even owe $50 (I think it is) to the government they will stop you leaving the country! A blatant breach of international covenants on the right to freedom to leave your own country, for sure, but trashing basic human rights is so common now it goes by with no critical analysis at any level.

So now we have this detestable situation:

[...]the first provisions of the Courts and Criminal Matters Bill coming into force on February 13.

“The message in the ad is clear - unpaid fines may stop you from getting the things you want on credit,” Minister Borrows said.

The message refers to a provision in the bill that allows the Ministry of Justice to release the amount of a person’s overdue penalties to approved credit reporting agencies, and for credit reporting agencies to provide contact details of debtors to the Ministry to use to enforce payment.

The government is now dobbing people into the credit ratings agency to screw up their lives. Just plain nasty.

File sharing is fine when the government does it and lands everyone else in jail. Cunty, very, very cunty.


At 3/2/12 9:37 pm, Blogger Ovicula said...

When they come out with this sort of rubbish, I always have to wonder what sort of legal advice they're getting. Unless the laws have been changed, the instances in which official information can be handed over to private agencies are rather severely constrained. They're probably just banking on the fact that the poor can't afford good lawyers.

At 4/2/12 3:34 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

Since I suddenly found myself without an income thanks to the cunty act of God that the Christchurch earthquake is , I've been variously threatened , spoken to rather harshly , implored and credit listed . I've been chased down on my phone at all times of the day and night , I've had big frights waiting for me in the letter box and do you know the best way to deal with whiny Corporate creditors ? Say these words and throw some zest into it . FUCK OFF ! Practice in front of a mirror first if you're the shy type . Credit , or debt pimping , is an evil and it's proliferation is a sure sign that our country is being abysmally managed . If all they can do is threaten to tarnish your 'credit rating ' then kick your shoes off , grab a gin and enjoy your lucky , lucky life . There's only one thing better than having nice shit and that is not owing money on the shit you have . Slick little key and the millions he has of yours cares not for the financially conservative in you or I . Him and his cunning little minions know well the psychology behind instant gratification and how to profit from that pathology . No wonder they ratchet up the cost of living and have you and I up to our ears in debt and so long as we remain afraid , we're vulnerable . Speaking of that little fucking rat . Have you noticed how plump , brown and shiny he is ? While I was having a nice Christmas dinner of mince and a tub of cheap ice cream , he would have been holidaying in Hawaii . There must be rat polishers in Hawaii ? Don't do debt and if you have , show no fear ! As for those insidious ads threatening us with fascist home invasions and imprisonment ... What do you expect ? This is where we're going . Time to roll your sleeves up boys and girls ! Unite and Fight !

At 5/2/12 1:40 pm, Blogger Frank said...

There was always a reason why many people were reluctant to provide the State with personal information. Quite simply, politicians - being a sub-group of Homo Sapiens - was never to be trusted.

When ministers such as Bennett are not bound by the Privacy Act, and can release personal data on vulnerable solo-mothers, for the rabid right-wing dogs to target, then there is something seriously amiss. Our unease at the approach of 1984 was not misplaced.

Of course, that doesn't stop politicians such as Dear Leader from frothing at the mouth, demanding "Pricacy! Privacy!" over the recording of his conversation with John "Mini Me" Banks, last year. Oh no, we can't have that; the public might hear something we'd rather keep secret from them, lest they waken from watching episode #1,320 of "Masterchef"...


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