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Sunday, February 26, 2012

NZ's got talent but doesn't got public broadcasting?

Taxpayers' $1.6m for talent show Public arts and culture funding to the tune of $1.6 million will partly pay for the New Zealand's Got Talent reality television series.

I'm sorry, what? We are going to spend the few taxpayer funded dollars put aside for public broadcasting on a bloody foreign format TV talent quest? We destroy regional TV like Stratos TV, cut secret deals for Kiwi FM to stop doing what they received the radio frequencies for in the first place, we sell TVNZ7 off to a shopping network and have the PM's electorate chair on NZ off Air censoring political docos on poverty that embarrass the Government but let propaganda pieces on health, education and Whanau Ora reforms get funded while allowing public money to waltz off and fund talent shows that will already make money?

If 'New Zealand's Got Talent' is such a ratings winner, why the hell does it need taxpayer funding? Just because they broadcast it to the public doesn't make it public broadcasting.

'NZ's got talent' could be difficult for TVNZ as most NZers who do in fact 'got talent' have already moved overseas - 'NZ's got diaspora' doesn't sound as attractive to sponsors

I list 3 ways the Broadcasting Minister can expand public broadcasting for no extra cost in an open letter in Metro magazine tomorrow.



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