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Sunday, February 12, 2012

NZ Heralds hate of MANA Party

The NZ Herald's bias against MANA over the weekend is becoming the sort of redneck dribble you expect from that North Shore Uncle you only put up with once a year at Christmas. That's tolerable for alcoholic family members who spend far too much time listening to ZB, it's not really excusable for the only daily nationwide newspaper in the country.

The terribly tedious John Roughan opened up yesterday slagging MANA off for having the temerity to protest on Waitangi Day, (this is the same man who infamously couldn't work out why the Muslim world didn't like the West in the wake of the 9/11 attacks). Roughan has become the tiresome voice of rich white elites of NZ who take moments from their groaning table of privilege to lecture anyone complaining about injustice.

If you or I imagined we were plugged into the deepest yearnings of the people, raised our flag, stood for election and collected a miserable few votes, we'd probably fold our tent, slip away and revise our view of the world.

But we're not that special breed of human life known as the protester. Votes don't count for much in the protesters' idea of democracy. The Mana Party came to Waitangi last weekend as though the election had never happened, or perhaps to say it didn't matter.

... hilarious isn't it? MANA got more votes than ACT, (who are in the Government propping up a one set majority), yet MANA shouldn't be allowed to voice their opinions at the on going social injustice of poverty in the face of a Government hell bent on removing Section 9 of the SoE ACT.

John tell's MANA to go home and condescendingly tells Maori they have to behave and protest nicely so as not to upset his precious pretensions.

Maori will 'protest nicely' when the Crown lives up to their obligations under the treaty, but Roughan's opinion piece is more the dreary roar of yesteryear akin to Garth George than the second example of the Herald's bias against MANA which is a genuine muck racking case of gutter journalism.

Mana Party worker hurt in head-on road crash

Joanne Carroll and Kate Shuttleworth should be ashamed of themselves and the sub editor should never have allowed such a long list of insinuations to become a 'news story'. The first thing to note is how old this story is, the crash occurred on January 19th, the date today is February 12th - how on earth could a car accident almost one month old be news? Is it only news because MANA pissed the deputy editor Roughan off so much at Waitangi? The identification of Joseph "Reti" Nathan as a MANA Party 'worker' (he's actually a volunteer) is aimed at smearing MANA and the insinuation of Nathan as drunk when his blood tests returned negative is more smearing.

Thankfully I stopped buying the Herald a long time ago.



At 12/2/12 12:51 pm, Blogger Tiger Mountain said...

Have not purchased a dirty filthy Herald in years. Mana is set to be a force during this year as young people are getting involved and Māori and Pākehā members increasingly working together.

At 12/2/12 1:50 pm, Blogger JASEN said...

sick of this bs from newspapers always wanting to run maori down when we will not bow down to there bs but they loved it when piri and the other maori boys stoodup and won the world cup rednecks your time will come and the rest of nz will c uz for what uz r

At 12/2/12 2:42 pm, Blogger Andrzej said...

This story is a good laugh though: http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=10784986

Anyway, the gutter journalism of the Herald is a good measure of the Mana party’s success; it’s great to know there’s a major thorn in the side of the revolting oligarchic establishment here. Given this government’s pathetic vision for the country, it will only serve to increase Mana's fortunes.

At 13/2/12 12:53 am, Blogger Wheeler's Corner NZ said...

Fully agree with comments...the Nats and their strange bed mates are actually very scared of the rising of the Mana Movement...you may like to visit wheelerscornernz.blodspot.com/ and read about Mana in the Manawatu.

At 13/2/12 9:30 am, Blogger countryboy said...

Did anyone notice how interesting TV One was yesterday morning or was I just high on Life ? Jim Mora was as chirpy as a squirrel on acid as he led a bunch of nice Ashburton people on to helping their friend . I saw a gardening show and pondered growing something other than Pot . I watched the brilliant ' Marae ' and it was then that I realized that I had woken up , not into a mythical place where people laughed and played and grew beautiful gardens just because they were pretty or where people helped each other out just because it felt good . I woke up into Nu Zild again . I watched as an ex Mongrel Mob gangster stood , holding back tears as he told his story of abuse . Against my better judgement , I continued to watch . I heard anecdotes of brutalities and of animalistic violence . I listened to a self proclaimed predatory pedophile , giving details of the best way he knew of to groom his innocent little victims' parents . He was remorseful and dying of cancer and wanted to give advice on how to keep your kids safe from the likes of him . He went on to say that " Pedophiles are coming out of the wood work in New Zealand " . I listened to another man , himself the victim of sexual predation trying to help prisoners deal with their abuse . He claimed up to 70 % of prisoners were in prison because of their abuse . 70 % ! He said the those responsible for this abhorrence must be held accountable and yet I don't read , in the NZ Herald that roger douglas has been arrested ? When aliens like it tinker with society et al in a mathematical and coldly economic way , ( for sacrosanct self profit , of course ) this is what you get . A madness almost beyond belief . How does one heal such misery ? With passion ! With the heart ! With soul ! With love ! Vive Mana !


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