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Thursday, February 02, 2012

National to appoint single worst person to head Charter Schools

An ACT Party advert from the 2011 election - do we really want racist rednecks running education?

Crazy hard right ideologue and ACT Party flunky Catherine Isaac has been rumored to head the far right wet dream of Charter Schools. She is the single worst person to ever be put in charge of anything connected to education because she symbolizes a corporate profit motive utterly at odds with the goals of universal public education.

If they are so good, why doesn't National experiment their new Charter school 6week teachers in rich electorates first? Why try this crap in poor South Auckland schools and Christchurch schools shaken by earthquakes first? Well Charter Schools are easily applied to areas that are shocked by either poverty or natural disaster, Naomi Klein pointed out in the Shock Doctrine that the right rammed these charter schools through in the wake of New Orleans flooding in America.

Charter Schools are set up to run whatever crazy curriculum they like and tend to pick those pupils that english is not a second language for and who don't have any of the hardships that make them weaker students leaving those who don't qualify to quietly rot elsewhere. Charter schools are an illusion and aim only to denigrate public schools so for Isaac to claim her appointment was not political is like claiming an election isn't political.

She's a joke looking for a punchline.

National have tried to destroy public education for decades in favor of a competitive profit driven model, appointing someone as wide eyed for the free market who has no education back ground whatsoever like Isaac is one of the largest steps backwards we've ever taken.

Isaac's appointment is nothing less than educational vandalism, a book burner would do less damage than Catherine.

Sleepy hobbits reap what they sow.



At 2/2/12 1:19 pm, Blogger Frank said...

John Banks dismisses Isaacs' lack of experience in the education sector by countering that she has sat on a school Board of Trustees for 6 years...

Using that "logic", if I sat on a local District Health Board, would I be qualified to carry out open heart surgery?

I guess it's one way to get rid of that pesky, expensive School of Medicine in Otago. (And cut back on student loans for med students.)

Back to Ms Isaacs; no education experience.

I'm guessing the result of her appointment will be similar to surgery on my first patient?

At 5/2/12 7:15 am, Blogger jane said...

she's a SPIN doctor, Frank:
so she's highly qualified to hand out those vouchers to the great upcoming Maceducation campaign..
I's say she could even qualify as a Macademic..and what a smile!!!


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