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Thursday, February 02, 2012

National caught out lying about SoE clause

Oh no they didn't....

Asset sale draft plan blunder

An embarrassing blunder has revealed the Government's original intention to keep a crucial Treaty of Waitangi clause out of legislation required for state asset sales.

The information appeared in the draft of a key document that appeared on the Treasury's website yesterday for a few minutes before it was taken down.

...those lying buggers! They were always going to dump Clause 9! Listening to Key claim Clause 9 had never been used when it clearly has in the past suggests National have been caught flat footed and Key hasn't been briefed in any way shape or form. His smug claim that he would find an elegant way out of this sounds like the sort of posturing Head Prefects from private schools use when threatening to get their Dad's lawyers onto you.

If the Maori Party accept this, they will be signing their own political suicide.



At 2/2/12 1:10 pm, Blogger Jasper said...

Turn up to tell'em what you think! The Government has announced a series of hui to consult with Maori on legislative changes it considers are necessary for the float of minority shareholdings in four State Owned Enterprises to New Zealanders.The schedule for hui is:
8 February 10.00amDistinction Rotorua Rotorua
8 February 3.00pm Waikato Stadium Hamilton
9 February 3.00pm Wanganui Racecourse Wanganui
10 February 9.30am Toll Stadium Whangarei
10 February 3.30pm Novotel Auckland Airport Auckland
14 February 10.00amWaihopai Runaka Murihiku Marae Invercargill
14 February 4.00pm Chateau on the Park Christchurch
15 February 10.00amEmerald Hotel Gisborne
15 February 3.30pm Te Puni Kokiri Wellington

At 2/2/12 10:54 pm, Blogger Canichett said...

It was a "key" document alright Bomber. And how many more of these little bombshells are lurking in the undergrowth just waiting to come out? Doesn't it seem AGES since the election, so many embarrassing boo-boos (Banks for one) and Parliament's not even sitting yet!! It's going to be a mighty exciting time in the old "House" this year. Hope David Shearer is up to the task!!!


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