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Thursday, February 23, 2012


It would be a bad thing to lose on the ground foreign affairs staff, but really...

NZHerald: An axe hangs over 305 jobs - including 63 policy positions - at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.
Mr Allen confirmed the proposal was to have fewer diplomats and fewer policy staff, including 169 fewer ministry staff in New Zealand and overseas, and 136 positions for locally-engaged staff, including Human Resources, Information Technology and property-management.
The Maori Policy Unit would be cut under the proposals.

Among other proposed changes was to boost Wellington salaries and cut overseas allowances, including the 20 per cent increase for a partner and the 7 per cent increase for each child.

They are going to pay the bloated Wellington staff more!? Going to get rid of the Maori bit - the only thing that distinguishes NZ from Australia!? Hopeless.

I can't muster any sympathy for the culling of these policy wonk academics or any of the other staff either.

The "policy" - if the actions of the NZ government seem anything to go by - is chronic. The official stance of NZ - via MFAT - is to do whatever our supposed Anglo-American masters tell us. To join in the Israeli orchestrated walk-out theatrics over Iran at the UN; To back the French colonial occupation of the Pacific; to chair the UN Security Council when Rwanda was going into full genocide and ignore it. There are so many MFAT failures - they can't all be put down to the Foreign Affairs Minister of the day. The NZ vote in international fora is a tool of others. Our much vaunted independent foreign policy is a shallow lie oft repeated.

A round of sackings is the least they deserve; pity that won't change their "policy."


At 24/2/12 3:10 pm, Blogger Jasper said...

So at the beginning of (March) 2008, we had 256,000 working aged people (aged 18–64 years) in receipt of a benefit of some kind.
In March 2011, it was 332,000 working-age people (aged 18–64 years) and in December 2011, was 351,000.
This morning we can add the 821 more job loses to date, 305 Job loses at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 441 at Air NZ, 75 from Fletcher Building ..... over 800 jobs gone in the first 8 weeks of the year! ...... And no jobs been created, only stat's from Joyce and of imaginary jobs from PinoKeyo! In the next 3 months NZ will be in crisis ... sack these idiots now! 351,821+ and Climbing!!

At 27/2/12 11:46 am, Blogger Jasper said...

And add these jobs to the list of more people unemployed ....1500 Health-Care workers getting paid $13.61 to "Care" for your grandparents! Were offered a 1% pay-rise over 3 years, 700 meat-workers told to take a 20% pay cut to increase the company's profit margin & 305 Mariners jobs are going to be casualised more dead workers on the waterfront Len!!. As well as the 800 jobs going in the first 8 weeks of 2012!!Where are they going to go when they all get the sack? The dole queue, Australia? - PinoKeyo & the Dipshit from Dipton, reducing the governments income tax revenue!


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