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Thursday, February 09, 2012

It's official - NZ on Air has become propaganda arm of National Party

Just when you didn't think the farce at NZ on Air could get any worse, it has.

The appointment of Stephen McElrea, the Prime Minister's own electorate chair was bad enough right?

That he led a complaint about a poverty documentary on TV3 that highlighted the appalling and cruel reality of John Key's policy on the poor was evidence of how bad a decision that appointment was right?

Well his appointment and attempt to censor political documentaries is one thing, but the news Clare Curran released in Parliament yesterday is the icing on this shit cake because it now turns out that McElrae has personally over seen the funding of 3 new docos, each of them more arse sucking than the last one.

A 'documentary' (and i'm using that word in it's broadest possible definition), on Whanau Ora that, and I quote, will give "a behind the scenes look at the roll out of this new initiative that seeks to deliver positive social outcomes for Maori".

You are kidding right? How the hell can Whanau Ora be the subject of a glowing blow job masquerading as a publicly funded documentary?

But wait, there's more. On top of that $300 000 for a Whanau Ora spin job, McElrea has astoundingly gotten NZ on Air to fund a 'doco' on education reforms and health reforms.

Cue shocked looks of horror mixed with disgust mixed with shame mixed with anger at this latest audacity now.

NZ on Air may as well now fund a documentary called 'Why John Key's testicle sack tastes so good'. NZ on Air's collusion to censor anything that embarrasses the Government to now funding bullshit documentaries proves they have come full circle and are effectively a propaganda arm of the National Party. NZ on Air are now part of the problem, any progressive democratic majority in 2014 must take to them with all the passion of a surgeon cutting out cancer if public broadcasting in NZ is to regain any of it's credibility.

You would think with TVNZ, NZ Herald, ZB and Mediaworks in their pocket that the National Party would consider that enough media manipulation for one political party. But no. NZ's media freedom world rankings dropped 5 places under the National Government. Lockwood Smiths attack on press freedoms in the wake of the self harm attempt in Parliament, my banning from RNZ for criticizing the PM and Key setting the Police onto four of our largest broadcasters for Epsom Tea Pot Tapes are all glaring examples of the slow strangulation of a critical media.

Sleepy hobbits reap what they sow. Welcome to the Kumara Republic.

PS - Well done Clare Curran, isn't it amazing what she can do when The Standard aren't bullying her?



At 9/2/12 7:42 am, Blogger jane said...

and this is what happens when you announce as per:
that you have a better system than those big boys planned...


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