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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hone's moderation makes Holmes look like the raving racist

The NZ Herald have done the right thing and allowed hone Harawira a right of return to the despicable racist rednecked rant by Maori bashing hate merchant, Paul Holmes. Isn't it amazing how Hone comes across moderate and informed on the issues of Waitangi Day, where as Paul Holmes comes across like a raving foam speckled extremist? Interesting isn't it? And to think Dr Bryce Edwards was actually attempting to justify the racism by Holmes.



At 16/2/12 1:44 pm, Blogger jane said...

quote "an elegant internationalism.." unquote....oh ha ha ha, no one in their right mind in any other country in the world would write or publish this kind of trash; Paul Holmes seems to think a lot of his elegant, um, thing, what a waste of pixels

At 22/2/12 10:44 am, Blogger Frank said...

Paul's diatribe will come back to haunt him.

As for Hone - he continures to grow in stature and his maturing will make him a future leader to watch.

Thank you, Paul, for allowing it to happen.


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