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Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Government to gut Ministry of Maori Development

It is a blitzkrieg of crazy right wing policy this week. After announcing they will kill off Section 9 of the SoE Act that forces the principles of Waitangi to be considered in relation to our assets, leaks are that National are about to reveal a massive gutting of Te Puni Kokiri.

Branches will be shut, massive job losses and reducing TPK's role to a mere managerial role over the distribution of services that are about to be hocked off to corporate providers has all been quietly planned. How this has been allowed to happen with no consultation of Maori is another example of the blindsiding of Maoridom with less than a week to Waitangi Day.

This is becoming National's foreshore and seabed moment.

The Maori Party threatened to walk from this Government when they realized the National party wanted to strangle off the hard fought for Section 9, surely in the wake of news that the Ministry of Maori Development is about to be melted down for scrap they will leave the Government this month?

At a time when poverty is grinding a large proportion of Maori into the ground, should we be destroying the only Ministry focused on them?

That sounds like a recipe for economic darwinism, NZ's slide into deeper inequality just picked up speed.



At 1/2/12 5:48 pm, Blogger CAS said...

Is there anything to substantiate this? Because, holy shit.

At 1/2/12 5:55 pm, Blogger Bomber said...

@ car - TVNZ breaking it now at 6pm

At 1/2/12 7:21 pm, Blogger CAS said...


"The Maori Party is making conciliatory noises over the Government's latest moves to consult iwi over how the Crown should recognise Treaty obligations when the state-owned power companies are put up for partial sale."


They've pretty much all but guaranteed the Maori seats will be a two-horse race between Labour and Mana.

At 1/2/12 7:50 pm, Blogger Sara said...

Seriously? Missed the news, sorry. Wow. Yeah, because it's so good for a country to have the indigenous people slipping further and further into poverty, bad health and filling up the prisons....
Everything this government does makes me want to get drunk.

At 2/2/12 8:57 am, Blogger countryboy said...

@sara . This ' government ' has been coming since 1945 . This regime of fraudsters have been a long time in training . Delve into our political history and you'll see cronyism , deceit and profiteering . The reason us chickens are getting jumpy is because foreign debt and industrial competition is peeling the sheep skins off the wolves and the wolves are getting desperate . There's plenty of reasons to get drunk if one were to look closely enough . Better yet . Get angry ! Focus your fury where it has best effect . At your politicians . They're the ones who're letting us down and selling us out ! ( Don't forget to focus your love also . The love for the common man and woman . ) key and bennett are brokering hate . They divide us and conquer us . Not the Chinese , or others . They're spreading mistrust and resentment amongst us . They're pitching brother against brother . Sister against sister . 1980's shipley tried to pitch neighbour against neighbour . Nothings changed other than the very real danger-level is ratcheted up . We Kiwis work harder , play less , owe more , know less , have poorer mental and physical health and have to leave for forgein shores if this whole ugly mess makes it untenable to live with . How disgraceful is that ? Who did this ? You ? Me ? The answer is Them ! They did this ! holyoak . muldoon , douglas etc etc . They took advantage of our wholesome ignorance and stole away with it . NZ = big , rich , safe , plentiful , beautiful , all but empty , also poverty stricken and broke ! Why ? Ask ! Go on ! Ask your politicians ! Where's our fucking money ? James Cameron isn't the only fantasy peddler in the house . P.S. NZ should be absolutely proud of the Christchurch people standing up for themselves . Well bloody done ! The whole country should look on and learn a thing or two .


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