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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Breastfeeding PC Nazis go mad (yawn).

Piri Weepu hits back at bottle advert ban

Piri Weepu has defended his decision to bottlefeed his daughter after footage of the All Black bottle-feeding her was cut from an anti-smoking advertisement.

The two-second glimpse of the Rugby World Cup star feeding his 6-month-old daughter Taylor was removed following concerns from pro-breastfeeding organisations the high-profile of Weepu would sway people away from breastfeeding their children.

Weepu told 3News his baby is allergic to dairy, one of the reasons why she is bottle-fed.

Breastfeeding PC Nazis gone mad huh? Are we really doing this? Yawn. Really?

You know any debate that attracts Bob McCroskie from Family First has dropped off the kitchen table top of polite suburban chatter, (I like to call his organization 'Family Fist' after their public love affair with the legal right to beat your children). Bob and his ilk manage to define family in a way that excludes, his attraction to any topic suggests the vultures have turned up and the issue has gone septic.

The furore that has erupted over Health professionals wanting to cut images of Piri Weepu bottle-feeding his daughter from an anti-tobacco advert is just another example of our nation of idiots minus any volume control. This has got bugger all to do with breast feeding, the (excuse the pun) breast beating here is our cultural stomach ulcer, 'Political Correctness gone mad'.

Alcoholism denial, rugby worship, beneficiary bashing and political correctness gone mad are the compass points of the NZ babble that passes for public broadcasting, this storm in a D cup is as embarrassing as it is tedious.

When it comes to socializing healthy norms, public health advocates have millions to spend against corporates who have billions in promoting the very opposite. That an anti-tobacco advert would want a unified standard of health norms is boringly uncontroversial. Asking for a cutting of a bottle feeding image is as acceptable as asking for a casual shot of Weepu drinking a glass of wine or bottle of beer to be cut from the advert.

That such a decision can lead to 'but men don't have breasts' arguments as some sort of intellectually justified counter is eye rolling. This has nothing to do with Fathers feeding their kids, or spending time with their kids or bonding with their kids, it's just an excuse for shire volk to get up on their favorite 'It's PC-madness gone mad' hobby horses.

It's terribly tiresome.



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