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Thursday, February 09, 2012

BREAKING NEWS: RadioLive DID break the law

Commission: DJ Key's show broke the law

An Electoral Commission ruling due out today has found the Radio Live show hosted by John Key last September was an election programme and therefore a prohibited broadcast.

Newstalk ZB's obtained a copy of the commission's decision over a Labour Party complaint about a show the Prime Minister conducted on Radio Live during last year's election campaign period.

The commission's found the broadcast was an election programme and a breach of the Broadcasting Act.

Well, well, well. So it was illegal after all. How RadioLive managed to get away with a 'politics free zone' hour for Key just before the election was always highly questionable, especially after National had handed Mediaworks millions in deferred radio fees to pay for IronBridges highly leveraged interest costs.

Maybe they can add the $100 000 fine to the tab?




At 9/2/12 8:50 am, Blogger Qualanqui said...

Oh my god knock me down with a feather and they only just decided this after the election I am soooooo suprised

At 9/2/12 10:52 pm, Blogger Frank said...

Much like the OIO "decision" on the Crafar farms was released way after the election...


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