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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

When NZ Police act like this at the Occupation they are pigs

The alpha male culture of Police is nothing new. The investigation into the sexual provincial culture of sado-masochistic Police orgies where women were gang banged and raped has been investigated and still managed to not dent NZs authority worship culture.

We hand vast spying powers to break into our homes and plant cameras with no more than a sniff warrant that becomes open ended and ongoing and no one in this country blinked when the NZ Police killed George Tipene Harris.

Our blessed boys in blue had spent 7 years defending the beating in the back of a Police car of George Tipene Harris, George of course managed to escape the illegal beating in the back of a Police car that two other Police Officers had turned a blind eye to and while fleeing the illegal beating in the back of the Police Car he ran into the path of a streetsweeper and was killed. Clint has been let off even though the two other cops who turned a blind eye to the illegal beating in the back of the Police car confessed their role in conspiring to defeat the course of justice by covering up the beating.

This has led the NZ Police to claim there is no code of silence for Police cover ups...

Police deny 'code of silence' in coverups

Court action stretching over seven years against police charged with coverups of an alleged assault on a suspect, who later died, ended this week with police denying a "blue code of silence" culture exists.

This week the High Court at Auckland granted an application for proceedings to be stayed against Clinton Lyall Hill, 36, a constable from South Auckland.

He had been through two trials in 2009 and 2010 with juries unable to reach verdicts after being charged with assault on George Tipene Harris, 24, and attempting to pervert the course of justice.

While off duty Mr Hill had arrested an intoxicated Mr Harris in the early hours of October 3, 2004, for trying to steal his mobile phone. He hailed a passing patrol car which he put Mr Harris in, and was later accused of beating him up in the back seat.

Mr Harris got away, ran on to Great South Rd and was hit and killed by a street sweeper truck. Mr Hill was initially charged with manslaughter, but in his first trial the jury threw that charge out.

Two Police Officers confess to covering up the illegal beating of a man that leads to his death, but there are no illegal police cover ups? John Dewar? What about the case of autistic man Cornelius Arie Smith-Voorkamp who was given the bash by Christchurch Cops for supposedly looting?

There are no issues with Police cover ups in NZ, just like there are no issues with Charlie Sheen opening a kindergarten day care centre.

The only way Cops get busted for bashing is when they accidentally bash the son of a detective.

This case of letting basher cops off whose actions kill could be a new recruitment tool I suppose rather than the tasteless and sexist cougar adverts the Police were defending the use of to cut through to a bored younger arsehole demographic.

So does it actually surprise me that Police while heavy handing the Occupation protestors yesterday wore the same Police ID number? Of course it doesn't, by wearing the same Police ID number there was no way anyone roughed up by the police can complain about them.

Sadly our 'Independent' Police Conduct Authority is only funded to investigate 30% of complaints or stories that gain a large amount of embarrassing media attention, if you get bashed make for your facebook asap or there's no way you can gain an independent review of your case.

With vast new surveillance powers to be passed that give Police an incredible level of unchecked power to spy on us, our culture of cop worship seems more Stockholm syndrome than sensible management of police power.



At 25/1/12 2:07 am, Blogger Ovicula said...

Police will do whatever society lets them, and a bit more. As society becomes more polarised, their actual job will become more obvious and they will want more thugs who don't obey the rules. I wouldn't be surprised if Nact passes a law requiring police to not wear identification numbers. This would, of course, be for their own protection because there are so many violent criminals and leftist agitators who will do anything to attack the reputations of our boys and girls in blue.

At 25/1/12 11:50 pm, Blogger Richard Christie said...

Greg O'Connor reckons that the police resorting to wearing false ID numbers clearly reinforces the need for officers to carry sidearms.
He also reckons that a full impartial internal investigation will conclusively show that the officers were forced to wear false numbers for their own protection, if the officers had access to guns there would be no need for the understandable deception as deceased witnesses can't recall numbers.


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