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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Well done Close Up, only 7 years behind me

Close Up have gone on line, posed as an underage girl and met with the men and filmed their responses to why they were grooming online children for sex. Well done Close Up, great to see you are catching up. I did the same thing 7 years ago on TV3's Stake Out, except we did it with under age prostitutes, on line grooming, and the ease of buying kiddie porn. Sadly the harassment of children on line and the endless line of men wanting to exploit them hasn't changed at all in 7 years.



At 24/1/12 9:41 pm, Blogger Frank said...

Eventually some right winger will respond with, "But it's all about personal choice"... *vomit*

At 24/1/12 10:57 pm, Blogger Lord Psymon said...

I think Chris Hansen's gonna sue.

At 25/1/12 9:10 am, Blogger countryboy said...

Seven years ago I wrote a letter to the then Minister of Justice Annette King asking her if she thought neo liberalism had become a production line for sociopathic behavior . I wrote a paragraph explaining why I'd asked that question , including mentioning the name of a District Court judge who unreservedly agreed with me and concurred with me on my fears . The Ministers office then sent the police to see me in my business , on the pretext I was complaining about a lack of policing in that particular precinct . The police were vaguely surprised when they learned that the email I'd written and had been bounced to them from the Ministers office had been modified and no longer contained the explanatory paragraph . It's my view , men who prey on children have long lost their humanism . They're little more than husks of humanity with absolutely no concern for the consequences and collateral damage their universally offensive actions will cause . Why is that ? And does it seem as though that deviant behavior is on the increase ? Why is that ? I've seen into the lives of those whom are , shall we say , less fortunate . With no money , no real idea of style or class. With no appreciation of art or beauty . For some of them , the best they can do for themselves is to get out of it and fuck . The product of P'd up , drunken fucks are the new 'working' classes . A new subclass of humanity one could argue and there's not one single politician trying to stem the tide much less publicly address this dreadful , new phenomenon . Now , this is where it gets really ugly . Sainsbury and his ilk , wringing their hands and pleading for you to watch on at this shocking crisis all the while being part of a commercial enterprise selling advertising ! The neo liberal , unquenchable lust for money is destroying our lives . That , in itself is a sickness in my view . Money is only useful when it's going around . Not when it's being hoarded my madmen , as we're seeing . Well done Bomber by the way . Watch ' Idiocracy ' . That's where we're going !

At 25/1/12 9:53 am, Blogger sdm said...

Frank thats an appalling statement. Especially after there were suggestions from the left to lower the age of consent to twelve.

You disgust me. Please dont breed


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